Working Party at Tawny Wood on 9 Nov

The East Devon Branch successfully held a working day at our Tawny Wood Reserve near Dalwood, Axminster on Saturday 9 November.  Although heavy rain was forecast for the morning this did not materialise and the mild conditions gave the group an opportunity to cut back a substantial area of undergrowth, some of which was burnt or made into log piles to increase habitats for birds and other wildlife.  The working group was formed from members of Devon Birds and the Axe Vale and District Conservation Society. 
Working Group at Tawny Wood
The woodland reserve was created by the late Laurie and Pamela Williamson of Dalwood in 1983 and later given to Devon Birds.  An engraved stone at the reserve records their wishes for the reserve to be a sanctuary for birds and other wildlife and the woodland contains a number of specimen trees and shrubs


which were planted by the couple. 

The reserve is not open to the public and access is limited to Devon Birds’ members.  A number of nest boxes are maintained by members at the site and this year wewere delighted to find a Wood Warbler present in the woodland, a bird which is an uncommon annual summer migrant, normally found in more upland areas.

Jonathan Ruscoe


Tawny Wood 1