Whortle is home!

One of the Dartmoor cuckoos which were tagged and tracked last year on the long journey to their African wintering grounds is now home.

The Dartmoor cuckoo project which began with the tagging of four Dartmoor birds last year is still waiting for Tor to return. It is thought that his tag’s battery has now degraded so although it is likely that he is still alive, we may not be able to track him back to Dartmoor. 

In 2013 Devon Birds in partnership with Dartmoor National Park Authority (DNPA), took part in a ground-breaking national satellite tagging project run by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) to learn about the migration of Dartmoor’s cuckoos and start to understand the reasons for their alarming decline.

Cuckoo, Dartmoor Charles Tyler 2014

In 2014, Devon Birds and DNPA are funding the tagging of a further three birds to help gather more data on the lives of our Dartmoor cuckoos. The progress of these three birds, in addition to the cuckoos from 2013, will be tracked and can be followed online.

You can report your cuckoo sightings by going to www.devonbirds.org/cuckoos.