Two of our Cuckoos are now in France!!

Two of our Devon tagged Cuckoos have decided that it is time to leave and, Ryder, having been around the Holne area for over a month decided last weekend 21/22 June to make a move and by Sunday evening was on the coast of Brittany and Lower Normandy by Tuesday morning 25 June. He was about 30km (19 miles) east of coastal Saint-Malo and 50km (30 miles) north of Rennes, after completing a distance of 270km (169 miles) including crossing the English Channel at one of its widest points.  

At almost the same time, Tor also revealed his new location in France, although on a similar longitude, he was over 340km (200 miles) further to the east in the region of Lorraine, close to the commune of Arraincourt to the west of the Vosgues Mountains. He is just 30km (19 miles) south-west of the border with Germany. Since the last position received in England he has covered around 770km (475 miles)!

Follow them here  Dart, Ryder, Tor and Whortle