The Plym Peregrine chicks have fledged June 2016 – National Trust Plym Valley

David Houghton the NT Peregrine Project Manager has just given us an update on the birds:

There have been some new faces appearing at the Plym Peregrine Project in Plymbridge Woods, near Plymouth. In April the resident wild falcons were sat on four eggs on a ledge on a long-disused slate quarry, this marks the pair’s sixth nesting year. In May the four chicks hatched, although unfortunately just a few weeks later two had disappeared from the nest with only a female and a male chick remaining.

However, over the last week the volunteers have amazingly spotted all four chicks emerging. This means that the parents continued to feed the chicks after they had fallen from the nest. Now six weeks old and fully-grown the chicks have started to take their first tentative flights. 

In the next few weeks they will be taught flight skills and hunting tactics by their parents, this will help them to survive on their own in the wild as they become more independent. There will be some fantastic sights as the birds play together in flight, do airborne food passes and perform breath-taking dives.  See peregrine blog