The Life of Buzzards – Peter Dare’s new book

Dr Peter Dare has been a life-long member of Devon Birds and much of his earlier work studing the Buzzard was carried out around the Postbridge area of Dartmoor.

This book should be published at the end of March and will then be available to purchase through our on-line Shop.  Please be aware that if you purchase through our Shop it will help to benefit our charity.

This is a much-needed update on the Buzzard which today is the most conspicuous and widely distributed diurnal raptor across most of Britain. Buzzards have somehow weathered persecution, pesticide pollution and loss or reduction of prey and it is now pleasing to note that  it has been common for some while to see half a dozen or more of these big hawks on the wing, displaying together in Spring, or assemblies of several dozen juveniles feeding in fields not only in Devon but much further afield.