The Cuckoos are back!

We have been receiving news of Cuckoos being heard and seen for the past few days and yesterday (14th  April) and especially today (15th) the records are starting to stream in with well over twenty already from as far apart as nr Barnstaple, Plymbridge, Exmoor and on Dartmoor there are already reports from nr Gibbets Hill, above Harford, Mannaton, Willsworthy, Roborough Common, Soussons area.  All on our Live Sightings map on the front page of the website.

If you see or hear a Cuckoo anywhere in Devon we would like to know so please submit your sighting to our website, enter it on our map.  Iif you enter the information the same day as you see the bird the dot is red if it is an earlier sighting it is blue.  Spread the word and encourage everyone to enter their sightings this year to help us build up a detailed map of the Devon Cuckoo distribution.

If you ae unable to enter the sighting you can phone 01822 853785 or email