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A History of Devonshire Ornithology

A History of Devonshire Ornithology

A review of the literature, events and personalities of Devonshire ornithology, from prehistoric times to the end of the 20th century.

The core of this work is the careful distillation of literature, letters, records and documents covering the history of the past two hundred years of Devon ornithology.

Our forefathers began a tradition that eventually spread across social barriers and led to a great burgeoning of interest and concern for our natural environment culminating in the foundation and success of county societies, like Devon Bird Watching and Preservation Society.

The author, Dave Jenks, has been a member of Devon Birds since 1964.

“This authoritative work sets a high standard for research and analytical presentation of a county’s rich ornithological history...David Jenks’s book is highly recommended.” – Peter Dare, Ibis.

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