S Milton Ley Reed Cutting

Despite the weather not being as kind as we had hoped an excellent team turned out to help cut the reeds on Sunday morning.  Disappointingly the reed cutter fired into life and very soon after sheared a part so it was a return to the ancient art of reed cutting with sickles, scythes and fortunately one petrol brush cutter.

Reed cutting SMLey 8.12.13

By mid morning there were enough reeds cut to start building large bonfires with Bob Burridge as chief firelighter.  After a coffee break with chocolate biscuits and mince pies, which refreshed the team, this spurred them on to clear a large area which Jon Avon thought would soon attract in Snipe and perhaps a passing Bittern.

Reed Cutting S Milton Ley 8.12.13

I would like to say a big Thank You and Well Done to Nick Townsend, the group of Devon Birds members, an energetic group of young National Trust Volunteers and not forgetting several local South Milton and South Devon folk who all worked hard together during the morning to achieve an excellent result. 

George Harris