Review of Plymouth’s Inddor Meeting 15 Sept

Hidden in the heart of Plymouth and bordering onto Central Park lies Ford Park Cemetery which is a package of tranquility and wildlife. As chairman of Ford Park Cemetery Trust and an experienced bird watcher, John Boon shared his knowledge about the ‘Birds of Ford Park Cemetery’ observed though the seasons.

In spring, swallows, warblers and other grateful migrants find a refueling point after the perilous crossing of the Channel. In the summer adequate shelter and food allows some common species to breed. Birds from the north or east pass through on migration in autumn and in winter some such as redwing, and occasionally at times rarities find shelter in the sanctuary of the cemetery. 

The Trust has a duty to manage part of the cemetery for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.  Yet as a working cemetery the Trust has the difficult task of balancing formal and informal areas for the families of Plymouth and for wildlife. John’s involvement and passion were obvious throughout.  He described the redevelopment of the grounds to include a Victorian chapel and exhibition centre. The informative exhibitions and walks reflect the events and history of the city. The programme is found at

Liz Harris