Request for Owl Pellets – can you help?

Andrew Griffiths, a new lecturer at the University of Exeter has asked for our help in providing owl pellets for his students, as one of the first practical classes for budding new biology students is the classic dissection of owl pellets.  They use keys to identify the contents of the pellets, especially the jawbones of small mammals to reconstruct the diet of the owls.

Andrew says “It is a practical love giving first years as they learn some important skills; ID keys, biological drawing and even try to make some ecological inference about difference in diet from owls in different habitats. But we have 200 students, so working in pairs that means 100 pellets, it has been very difficult trying to find so many. We’d really appreciate your members help!”

If any member has Owls roosting nearby and can collect up pellets please either email Andrew direct or contact me, Julia Harris 01822 853785 and I can pass the message on.