Report on Plymouth Indoor April Meeting

Were you aware that the unique designer hair style of the Skylark chick resembles a spiky lichen, until it moves its head to reveal a gapping beak?  Have you seen an adder engulf a Willow Warbler chick whole and come back for more to empty the whole nest?  Have you viewed the behaviour of a Cuckoo chick in the nest and seen the parent bird stand on the huge chick after fledging to feed it?

John Walters showed these superb images included in a presentation to the Plymouth Branch on Monday 28 April at Mutley Baptist Church on ‘Birds of Dartmoor’.

John simply describes himself as an artist, ecologist and speaker but his talk revealed much more than this. His enthusiasm and depth of knowledge were clearly evident, as was the quality of John’s photography and sketches, capturing particular characteristics of bird behaviour. His skills and dedication can be seen in his book ‘The Wildlife of Dartmoor’.

The next meeting is Monday 16 June when Tony John will be revealing ‘The Changes in the Birds of Devon since 1900’.Liz Harris