Reed cutting at West Charleton Marsh – 7 Feb

After an excellent morning of reed cutting with Nick at South Milton marsh yesterday, where I saw that many people volunteered to help, we would be delighted if a few volunteers also came to help us carry out the same task at Charleton marsh. The area is nowhere near as big as S Milton and the farmer who owns the land will be sending two workers with brushcutters and we Devon Birds/Kingsbridge Natural History Soc members will bring two or more as well. The farmer supplies long handled muck forks, but a few more would help. We will pile and burn the cut reeds. The area may be a bit wet but wellingtons should suffice.

Date: Tuesday 7th February. 9am start. Low tide is at 08.33

Meet:   At the end of Marsh Lane, West Charleton. This is a right turn off the A 379 in West Charleton (coming from Kingsbridge). Pass the church on the right, go down a short dip and as you go uphill again the lane is on the right. If you come to the Ashburton Arms you’ve missed it, but this is a good place to park. If you come later than 9 just walk down the marsh to the hide at the bottom.

We will aim to finish by about 1pm.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions.  Chris Klee  Tel 01548 288397.