Recording - Downloadable Forms

Downloadable Forms

If you wish to submit your bird records to the Devon Birds, or if you need to report a Devon or National rarity, please use the downloadable forms below.  If you have just a single bird record to submit, then we welcome the use of our quick report form.

If you haven’t submitted records to the Devon Birds before, or would like information on what records or required for each species, then please see our Guide to Record Submission.

Notes on the Excel Reports Spreadsheet

  • The file contains macros so you may receive a security warning when you open it. Please choose the Enable Macros or Enable Content option otherwise parts of the spreadsheet will not work.
  • Please only use a colon when entering times – 12:00 for example. Do not use a dot or any other character because Excel will not recognise it as a time.
  • Alphabetic drop-down lists have been added for species, locations and breeding status.
  • The Species lookup tab is now shown in alphabetic order.
  • The Guidance notes tab has been tidied up and various typos corrected.
  • A warning message has been added for category @, A and B species.
Coot by Kenneth Bradley at Stover Gallery photo of Coot by Kenneth Bradley
Stonechat by Paul Howrihane at Hartland Quay Gallery photo of Stonechat by Paul Howrihane
Bullfinch by Ron Champion at Mansands bird hide Gallery photo of Bullfinch by Ron Champion

Our Flock

Devon Birds welcomes members from all walks of life and all levels of interest in the Birds of Devon. So whether you are an academic looking for research opportunities and information, or you just want to know what bird is singing in your garden, there is something here for you
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