Moorland Bird Adviser appointed

Posted August 1st, 2017 at 1:14 am in People

Fiona Freshney has now started work as the Dartmoor Moorland Bird Adviser, working with commoners and landowners to help improve habitats and management for upland birds. Many Devon Birds members will know Fiona as she has organised a number of surveys, including most recently for Ring Ouzels. Fiona knows Dartmoor well and her ecological and conservation experience will be invaluable in helping to improve habitats for birds across the moor. She will also be looking for volunteer help in the future to assist with the project and all bird records from across the National Park will be vital.

Fiona says, "In my new role as 'Dartmoor Moorland Bird Advisor' (a post hosted by RSPB but financially supported by a wide range of organisations, including Devon Birds), I will certainly be referring to your records when out and about meeting land managers, attempting to work with others to get positive management for birds on the moor. Robust, current data is vital to underpin conservation efforts so I shall be trying to find ways of collecting further bird data for particular sites and species over the next few years.

As a result of the Moor than Meets the Eye Project the eastern quarter of the moor is well covered and there is recent data held for other specific sites (e.g. Holne Moor, Brent Moor) and species, but we still have gaps in knowledge. Where gaps are identified, and particularly where any land management change is planned, I intend to organise future volunteer surveys. These might be species-specific surveys or broader scale. I hope some of you will find the time to get involved again; your input welcomed!"

For more information, or to offer help, contact Fiona at