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Branch EventsProgramme & Instructions


Devon Birds and its branches hold a number of meetings throughout the year. These include indoor and outdoor Society and branch events, as well as meetings and events held in association with other groups and organisations.

A complete meetings chart for all branches is shown below.

All Devon members are welcome at any meeting organised by the Society or its branches. Many meetings are free or require only a nominal charge to cover hire costs and refreshments. Non-members are also welcome. Other meetings, such as Council meetings, may be restricted, while some, mostly those held in association with other organisations, may charge an admission fee. Every attempt has been made to make this clear in each entry. If in doubt, please contact the event organiser. Contact details are available in the Programme. An email to info@devonbirds.org will normally bring a quick response from the appropriate officer.

Field meetings may be cancelled in bad weather; if in doubt, please contact the appropriate organiser.

Organisers and leaders of field meetings will take all possible precautions to ensure that the area to be visited is safe and that there are no hazards that could possibly lead to accidents. Where possible, organisers will have walked the route beforehand and will have reported any problems to the appropriate authority. 

Members should have a degree of fitness as the terrain may sometimes be rough and any member with any medical condition which might affect them during the field trip is asked to mention this in confidence to the fieldtrip leader.  For your own comfort and safety if you are joining a walk please make sure that you wear walking boots or stout shoes and check whether a drink and packed lunch is required and don't forget your waterproofs.

Full Programme


Jul 709:30 – 15:30East Devon FieldVenford Reservoir, Holne. Meet at car park at SX685712. AM/PM. Pre-booking required.Map
Jul 720:45 – 22:30Plymouth FieldCann Woods for Nightjar. A second visit with possible juveniles and adults on the wing. Meet at car park at SX547596. (Bring a torch and a Bat detector if you have one) Leader: Chris Marcol Tel: 07976359647Map
Jul 1018:30 – 22:30Mid Devon FieldAn evening walk to see and hear Nightjars in Cookworthy Forest. Also the possibility of Sparrowhawk, Buzzard, Kestrel, Crossbill, Siskin, deer etc. Plan on a walk in the general area before settling at a vantage point to view the Nightjars. The entrance to the forest is situated just north of Halwill Junction on the A3079. Meet at the car park and picnic area at SS417016. Leader: John Laws and Nick ArmstrongMap
Jul 1209:00 – 14:00Taw & Torridge FieldMeeth Quarry for woodland birds, butterflies and dragonflies. 9am meet at Barnstaple Leisure Centre car park to car share (parking fee) or 10 am meet at Meeth Quarry DWT car park. SS539085. Leader: Kevin Wigley (email@kevinwigley.co.uk)Map
Jul 1809:30 – 13:00East Devon FieldExminster Marshes. Meet at RSPB car park at SX954872. AM only. Pre-booking required.Map
Jul 1819:30 – 21:30South Devon IndoorSeabirds and other wildlife of Lyme Bay. Speaker: Mike Langman. Mike is a renowned speaker, artist and enthusiastic birdwatcher, whose reputation for seabird identification is well established throughout the south west. Lyme Bay might not have the deep water or continental shelf edge pelagic species but it can offer some very exciting wildlife watching from land and boat. For the globally threatened Balearic Shearwater the bay is of international importance. Mike will talk through the species, identification pointers plus times of year and weather to make the most of any time in the field.Map
Aug 1516:30 – 19:30South Devon FieldPLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DATE. Birdwatching Walk - Sea watching at Berry Head. Leader Mike Langman. Mike is an experienced 'sea watcher' and he will lead the group, supporting the identification of the birds and other wildlife observed from this well-known viewing point. Email Jeff Hacon jeff.hacon@devonbirds.org by 12th August for further details.Map
Aug 2009:30 – 13:00Plymouth FieldSaltram and Blaxton Meadow. Identification for the less experienced and knowledgable birdwatchers of early autumn migrants and resident birds. Meet at the Blaxton viewing station. Leader: John Lloyd Tel: 07811232206Map
Sep 809:30 – 13:00East Devon FieldDawlish Warren. Meet at end of main car park at SX980787. (Pay & display fee) AM only. Pre-booking required.Map
Sep 1508:30 – 14:00Plymouth FieldSeaton Wetlands for wetland birds. Car parking through Seaton Cemetery at SY248914. Leader: John O'Connell-Davidson Tel: 07885536218Map
Sep 1919:30 – 21:30South Devon IndoorInsight into breeding birds of the Arctic Circle. Speaker: Dave Scott. Dave is an artist by day, specialising in wildlife art primarily & portrait work. He is a ringer for the BTO, monitoring & ringing a range of birds including Merlins, Ouzels & waders species on the high fells. He also runs a bird rehabilitation centre and is a photography guide for clients in Africa. This talk is based around Dave's journeys into the Arctic tundra from Alaska to Svalbard & breeding birds encountered. Dave specialises in finding nests of these species many of which are rarely seen.Map
Sep 2009:30 – 15:30Mid Devon FieldNortham Burrows Country Park, Northam, Bideford. In Northam take Broad Lane to Burrows Lane and enter Northam Burrows Country Park. Park on the side of the road after crossing the small bridge over the Pill at SS451304. Bring packed lunch. Leader: Rich Hudson/Nick ArmstrongMap
Sep 2609:30 – 13:00East Devon FieldMutters Moor, Sidmouth. Meet at Peak Hill car park at SY109872. AM only. Pre-booking required.Map
Oct 609:30 – 13:00East Devon FieldBlackhole Marsh, Seaton. Meet at car park (through cemetary) at SY248914. AM only. Pre-booking required.Map
Oct 1710:00 – 14:00Plymouth FieldSoar & Starehole Valley for passage migrants. Meet in the NT car park (near airfield) at SX713375. Leaders: Kev & Jacki Solman Tel: 07812805668Map
Oct 1719:30 – 21:30South Devon IndoorScotland's birds, from the Highlands to the Islands. Speakers: Nick & Sara D'Agorne. Nick and Sara are enthusiastic bird and wildlife watchers. They will share with you the wide variety of bird, mammal and other species to be found in June in Scotland; from dive-bombing Arctic Skuas to performing Dolphins.Map
Oct 2210:00 – 14:00Taw & Torridge FieldNortham Burrows and the Skern. Meet at 10 am on the Tip Road. SS449313. Leader: Steve Skirth (steveskirth@gmail.com)Map
Oct 2409:30 – 13:00East Devon FieldEmsworthy Gate Reserve. (Nr Saddle Tor, Dartmoor). Meet at small car park at SX744760 on B3387 (Haytor to Widecombe Road). AM only. Pre-booking required.Map
Oct 2709:30 – 15:30Mid Devon FieldFernworthy Reservoir and Plantation. Plan on morning and afternoon walks around the reservoir and forestry plantation. Crossbill, Siskin, Willow Tit possible. Bring packed lunch. Meet at the car park (pay & display) at SX669838. Leader : Helen AllinMap
Nov 209:30 – 14:30Mid Devon FieldDawlish Warren. Meet at the first car park (pay & display) on the right at the mini rounabout before the tunnel entrance at SX978785. Leader: Nick ArmstrongMap
Nov 210:30 – 14:00Plymouth FieldWest Charleton Marsh for wetland and wildfowl. Meet in Marsh Lane, West Charleton at SX752426. (Can be very muddy footpath). Leader: John Lloyd Tel: 07811232206Map
Nov 1009:30 – 13:00East Devon FieldPowderham Church - Turf. Meet at roadside near church at SX971843. AM only. Pre-booking required.Map
Nov 1610:00 – 13:30Mid Devon FieldRoadford Resevoir. Meet at the layby near the hide at SX435930. An interesting mix of dabbling and diving ducks, the odd wader or two and the possibility of something unusual. Leader: Digby GreenhillMap
Nov 2119:30 – 21:30South Devon IndoorThe annual cycle of the migratory Wood Warbler, understanding causes of decline. Speaker: Malcolm Burgess. Malcolm is a Principal Conservation Scientist at the RSPB Centre for Conservation Science, where he leads a range of mostly field- based projects, including many focusing on declining migratory birds. He will share the results from work by the RSPB Centre for Conservation Science, focusing on Wood Warbler migration and causes of decline, mostly undertaken in Devon. From monitoring nest predators, studying survival through colour marking, revealing migration routes through tracking, establishing habitat use in Africa and more this explores both the species ecology and efforts to diagnose the steep decline.Map
Nov 2809:30 – 13:00East Devon FieldParke, Nr Bovey Tracey. Meet at Nat. Park HQ car park at SX971843. AM only. Pre-booking required.Map
Nov 2910:00 – 14:30Taw & Torridge FieldFremington Creek. Meet at 10.00 am at Fremington Quay car park. SS517334. Leader: Steve Skirth (steveskirth@gmail.com)Map
Dec 310:00 – 14:00Plymouth FieldSt John's Lake & River Lynher for waders & gulls. Meet on Marine Drive in Torpoint at SX438547. Move to Wacker Quay later for a walk along the Lynher and back to St John's Lake for high water. (Possible muddy walk along the river bank) Leader: Doug Herdson Tel: 01752405155/07910078599Map
Dec 709:00 – 15:30Mid Devon FieldExminster Marshes and Mid Devon Branch Christmas Lunch. Expect a mix of waterfowl, waders and other birds. From A379 take Station Road past the Swans Nest Inn and over the hump-backed bridge to the RSPB car park on the right at SX953872. Christmas Lunch will be at the Swans Nest Inn. Leader: Nick Armstrong. Confirmation for lunch must be received by 30th October 2022.Map
Dec 1308:00 – 15:00Taw & Torridge FieldExe Estuary, BGM, Goat Walk and Powderham. SX971876. Meet at 8am at Barnstaple Leisure Centre car park, car share (parking fee). Tide time dependent. Leader: Kevin Wigley (email@kevinwigley.co.uk)Map
Dec 1509:30 – 13:00East Devon FieldEscot Park, Talaton. Meet at car park at SY082981. Pre-booking required.Map

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