Devon Bird Sightings: Bird News from 1st–7th June 2022


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Posted October 10th, 2016 at 9:14 am in Bird News

Tuesday 7th June 2022

Caen Estuary

Early evening:- Canada Geese are well known for forming creches. Is this the start of something bigger?

Posted June 7th at 10:24 pm by Rob Jutsum in Bird News

Boat trip to Lundy

On a day trip to Lundy there were 1500+ Manx Shearwaters sat on the sea on the outward journey.  Adult Rose-coloured Staring on the island and a hunting Hobby.  

Posted June 7th at 10:12 pm by George and Les Carr in Bird News

Oyster Catchers - Berry Head 7th June

Lots of gulls, guilemots and a few kittirwakes out over the water this afternnon. The highlight was the spectacle of 2 oyster catchers flying low and close to the point.

Posted June 7th at 4:17 pm by David Roper in Bird News

Horsey Island - Collared Pratincole

Photographed by an acquaintance from the local camera club yesterday evening (6 June). On the mud at Horsey Island between the toll road and the sea-wall breach. Could not be relocated this morning.

Collared Pratincole © Vicky Dyson
Collared Pratincole © Vicky Dyson

Posted June 7th at 2:42 pm by Chris Dee in Bird News

Horsey Island

Reliable and photographed report of a Pratincole species yesterday evening. Probably Collared.

Posted June 7th at 7:20 am by Jon Turner in Bird News

Monday 6th June 2022

Pied Flycatcher

Visited Grey Woods at Buckland on the moor this afternoon, found a pair of Pied Flycatcher’s at the top end of the woods, with a nest and obviously feeding young. Lovely to see. 

Posted June 6th at 11:21 pm by Kay and Gary Deare in Bird News

Okehampton - Sourton

Along the railway this morning were Garden and Willow Warblers, Redstart and Redpoll. On the moor around Sourton Tor were Cuckoo, Wheatear, Stonechat, and, incongruously, singing from a Gorse bush at 800 ft. above sea level, a Reed Bunting.

Posted June 6th at 9:47 pm by James Camden in Bird News

Plym Estuary & Saltram

This afternoon: 2 Treecreepers, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Red-crested Pochard (female) & 24 Mandarin Ducks.

Posted June 6th at 6:37 pm by Pete Aley in Bird News

Farway, Colyton

Three Ring-necked Parakeets flew over Netherton in Farway at 4.30 this afternoon, heading south-east.

Posted June 6th at 6:34 pm by Mark Wingate in Bird News

Clennon Lakes - Paignton

A nice surprise during a mothing evening at Clennon Lakes when a very out of place Nightjar flew out over us and out over the fields!


Posted June 6th at 10:36 am by Mike Langman in Bird News

Sunday 5th June 2022

Torre Abbey, Torquay

A red kite flew over at 2.30 flying NE towards the town centre, just as the drizzle and low cloud started to clear.

Posted June 5th at 7:53 pm by Chris Proctor in Bird News

Brixham Harbour

3x 1st winter Med Gulls as Kelly’s Heros boat returned into Brixham Harbour at 11:15

Posted June 5th at 6:42 pm by George and Les Carr in Bird News

Oreston, Plymouth Late News - Saturday

Red Kite flew over Oreston at 12.10

Posted June 5th at 5:10 pm by George and Les Carr in Bird News

Wrafton etc

Out on the scrape this morning, an exciting Herring Gull! But as Andy Leat and I waited, things did improve! The drake Shelduck reappeared, Then 7 of the flyover flock of Canada Geese dropped in. Single LBB Gull and then a subadult Black-headed Gull - first of the autumn(!) flew in. A Grey Heron suddenly appeared from nowhere and above a Swallow (first here for ages) and 4 Swifts. In the reserve, a male Reed Bunting,  singing Blackcaps still, a Kingfisher again and a day roosting Tawny Owl out in the open.

Tawny Owl leaning on a tree trunk.
Tawny Owl leaning on a tree trunk.

Posted June 5th at 4:37 pm by Jon Turner in Bird News

Plym Estuary & Saltram

Typically for this time of year, it's been very quiet on the patch recently. However, today, a modicum of interest provided by: Shelducks with 11 small ducklings, at least 3 Bullfinches, singing Whitethroat, Green Woodpecker, a pair of Stonechats, Clouded Yellow, Painted Lady & 3 Roe Deer. 

Posted June 5th at 3:22 pm by Pete Aley in Bird News

Oreston, Plymouth Late News - Saturday

Red Kite flew over Oreston at 12.10

Posted June 5th at 2:58 pm by George and Les Carr in Bird News

Boat trip into Lyme Bay from Brixham

A trip out on Kellys Heros this morning gave close sightings of 25 Manx Shearwaters and 2 Storm Petrels as well as the usual gulls, Gannets and auks.  

Posted June 5th at 2:39 pm by George and Les Carr in Bird News

Ludwell Valley Park

Yet another red kite, over Wonford, being mobbed by a magpie. So many this year! ????

Posted June 5th at 1:44 pm by Helen Whitall in Bird News

Barnstaple Red Kite

1 Red kite over Roundswell at 12.30

Posted June 5th at 12:34 pm by Dave Paterson in Bird News

Saturday 4th June 2022

Ilfracombe Swifts

3 weeks ago up to 90 Swifts were above Cairn late evenings, tonight huge numbers are present, I did several counts getting up to 250. I'd be surprised if the town had anywhere near this amount of breeding pairs.

Posted June 4th at 9:24 pm by Martin Thorne in Bird News

River Mole Valley

2 Red Kites ….one being haressed  by a Carrion Crow drifting north at 3 pm ………the second heading east at about 3 30………. A Kestrel also hunting but disturbed by 9 Red Arrows. By the river the Goosander still successfully rearing 10 young…….also a Blackbird mimicking a Dipper and a pair of Chaffinches feeding on Mayfly.Non avian included 5 red deer hinds and lots of Meadow Browns making their first appearances……….

Posted June 4th at 9:17 pm by Brian Nicholas in Bird News

South Molton

2 adult, 2 immature mute swans flew over , W to E this evening.

Posted June 4th at 8:31 pm by Art Symond in Bird News

Anchor wood area to Fremington

This morning on my walk from Anchor Wood to Fremington I got very close views of two Red Kites. One near Anchor Wood and the other about half way between the two places. Sadly no camera with me.

Posted June 4th at 7:31 pm by Martin Bennett in Bird News


Red Kite low south over Courtlands Lane at 1720hrs.

Posted June 4th at 5:24 pm by Terry Smith in Bird News

Bradwell Wood (private woodland)

Whilst waiting for the Red Arrows flyover this afternoon, we were surprised to see 2 Red Kite circling over Bradwell before moving on towards Ilfracombe direction 

Posted June 4th at 4:31 pm by Jonny Pinn in Bird News

Red Kite Exminster

10.00hrs single Red Kite very low over Sannerville way drifting towards Exminster 

Posted June 4th at 12:56 pm by Steve stone in Bird News

Fernworthy Reservoir

Birds on Friday included a a cuckoo calling on and off over a few minutes from the top of a tall pine. A tree pipit atop another smaller pine was briefly joined by a common redstart, In the woods, many blackcap, and willow warblers sang and at least one garden warbler called.

Posted June 4th at 10:53 am by Tim Harland in Bird News

Friday 3rd June 2022

Berry Head

A solitary puffin seen with a guillemot escort

Posted June 3rd at 10:13 pm by Dr G K Brook in Bird News


Following Rob's post, and in a burst of enthusiasm brought on by the lovely sunshine, I cycled to Crow Point and then set off to cycle up to(wards) Saunton. Mostly this involved pushing the bike through soft sand - I remember this from my running days! Well not far short of the crowds of grockles letting their dogs chase everything, I found one smart sum-plum Dunlin and 5 non sum-plum Grey Plover. Some splendid dwarf pansies in the Burrows. A Large Skipper in the reserve.

Posted June 3rd at 8:18 pm by Jon Turner in Bird News

Wrafton pond

This morning was my first visit since my return from a week in Cornwall.  First to show itself was a female Blackcap followed by at least two Reed Warblers.  Pair of Swans with eight Cygnets on the pond. Also on the pond were a number of Mallard, a Coot, a Moorhen and a couple of Little Grebes.

Female Blackcap
Female Blackcap
Reed Warbler
Reed Warbler

Posted June 3rd at 6:36 pm by Martin Bennett in Bird News

Cuckoo on the moor

A male cuckoo heard and seen at Belstone today- the first time at the spot for us. Also male and female wheatear and numerous stonechat.

Posted June 3rd at 6:33 pm by Sarah Blatchford in Bird News

Burrator / Yennadon down

Around the reservoir this morning was 2 Yellowhammer, 6 Willow Warblers, several Chiffchaff, a Green Woodpecker in flight, 3 singing Skylark, 1 Spotted Flycatcher,  an adult Great Spotted Woodpecker feeding a juvenile, Buzzard and Sparrowhawk overhead, and 206 Herring gull of various plumages, perched on a boom in front of the dam. Digiscoped record shots.

Spotted Flycatcher
Spotted Flycatcher

Posted June 3rd at 4:51 pm by Alan Livsey in Bird News

Preston, Paignton

1 RED KITE over garden  at 3 p.m being escorted north by 2 crows.

Posted June 3rd at 4:06 pm by Anthony Sherwood in Bird News

Saunton Sands

A 6 mile walk this morning along Saunton Sands & back produced a flock of c50 mixed waders (Dunlin & Sanderling) while  passing through on migration to their breeding grounds, stopping off to refuel & rest before continuing the journey.

Amongst them was this one Curlew Sandpiper in partial summer plumage.

Posted June 3rd at 12:13 pm by Rob Jutsum in Bird News

Cuckoo spotted

Saw a cuckoo in flight on the way home from work yesterday. Driving home from moretonhampstead to hennock on the reservoir road. Very close to the reservoirs. Saw one on a lamp post in almost the same location in 2023. 

Posted June 3rd at 8:13 am by Amy in Bird News

Thursday 2nd June 2022


This evening skylark singing and male yellowhammer seen on edge of town.

Posted June 2nd at 10:49 pm by Art Symons in Bird News


3 nightjar churring in a fairly small area of forestry at Hennock reservoirs this evening. All associated with a band of more open habitat between maturing forestry. 

Posted June 2nd at 10:30 pm by Fiona Freshney in Bird News

Cadover Bridge

Willow warbler, Sand martin, Swallow, Grey Wagtail, Reed Bunting, Swallows, Wheatear, Goosander with 2 ducklings 

Great Spotted Woodpecker
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Grey Wagtail
Grey Wagtail

Posted June 2nd at 10:25 pm by Bob Barrow & John Lloyd in Bird News

Crownhill Down

Yellowhammers, Wheatears, Tree Pipits, Willow Warblers,Swallows, Cuckoos


Posted June 2nd at 10:16 pm by Bob Barrow & John Lloyd in Bird News

Assorted cuckoo records

Today I heard a cuckoo calling around Hennock Reservoirs, roughly in the same spot near Tottiford that one was regularly heard in 2020. A few days before, whilst at Kennick reservoir, I could hear a cuckoo in the Blackingstone rock area, which I checked out one evening. It was possibly near Blackingstone quarry, but faintly in the background I could another cuckoo, potentially at Mardon Down. So, possibly two males focused on these Moorland edge areas, or perhaps even three. 

Posted June 2nd at 6:51 pm by Fiona Freshney in Bird News

Bovey valley, Heathfield

I've noticed little groups of Woodpigeons flying over Chudleigh in recent weeks, but this afternoon flocks totalling 370, in groups of up to 30, flew NW up the Bovey valley over Bovey Heath in 35 minutes (13:55-14:30).  What are they up to? Slightly more exciting was a Red-eyed Damselfly on Bovey Heath pond (first record there) and a male Scarce Chaser (token image) at Little Bradley Ponds - the first record for the Bovey Basin of this increasing species and the 27th dragonfly species seen at LBP.

Scarce Chaser at Little Bradley Ponds
Scarce Chaser at Little Bradley Ponds

Posted June 2nd at 6:01 pm by Dave Smallshire in Bird News

Mutley, Plymouth

Evidence of Swifts building nests under the eaves of two adjacent three storey student houses between 3pm and 4pm Thursday afternoon. Although one of the aspects is westerly facing, the nest spot seems to be protected from the elements by a wooden facia board. Interestingly the birds don't appear to be disturbed or put off either by loud rap music coming through an open window directly below!! Perhaps shows some evidence of resilience and adaptability.

Posted June 2nd at 4:43 pm by Fred Jenkins in Bird News

Red Kite, Down Thomas

Noon yesterday, Red Kite with two buzzards, above tractor working in field just north of Down Thomas.

Posted June 2nd at 2:37 pm by Ken & Maureen Newtonk in Bird News


Good to see spotted flycatcher along with usual suspects at buratpr this morning 

Posted June 2nd at 2:30 pm by Mike Williams in Bird News

Red Kite, Dawlish

1 over Sandy Lane at 11.30 am, yesterday

Posted June 2nd at 12:04 am by Paul Barker in Bird News

Wednesday 1st June 2022

Cadover Bridge

Swallows, Sandmartins, Grey Wagtails, Wheatears, Spotted Flycatcher. In N' Wood several very vocal GSW's, probably a family group, Nuthatch, Blackcaps, Chiffchaffs, Willow warblers, Goldcrests'

Reed Bunting
Reed Bunting

Posted June 1st at 9:06 pm by Bob Barrow in Bird News


Goosanders creche their chicks. I saw a pair once with 30!

Posted June 1st at 8:58 am by Jon Turner in Bird News


Yesterday on River Teign on Clay Lane public Footpath , Dipper, lots of Sand Martin, and Female Goosander with 19 chicks. 
Couldn’t believe our eyes, does anyone know if they always have that size brood.?

Posted June 1st at 6:42 am by Kay and Gary Deare in Bird News

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