Devon Bird Sightings: Bird News from 22nd–31st May 2022


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Posted October 10th, 2016 at 9:14 am in Bird News

Tuesday 31st May 2022

Red Kite at Sourton Down, Okehampton

Single Red Kite soaring in thermal with two Ravens, just west of Sourton Down services on the A30 at 13.05 today. Drifted off to the east.

Posted May 31st at 11:30 pm by Nick Dixon in Bird News

Red Kite

Over Furzeham heading due North 9.20am 31/05/22

Posted May 31st at 7:13 pm by M.Friend in Bird News


a meeting of the Mid Devon Branch ,  with a walk around the farm and over to Sousons and up the valley, weather held and we had good sightings of the birds, altogether 40 birds were seen, and a few extra were heard, but i don't count these unless seen, thanks (Faye). the best of the birds were,   wheatear, whinchat, cuckoo, whitethroat, reed bunting, nuthatch, willow warbler, redpol, treecreeper, redstart, treepipit, blackcap and as we were coming back to the farm, high up we saw a red kite.        a good day alround.

Posted May 31st at 4:14 pm by roger jewell in Bird News

Lower Tamar Lake

Lower Tamar Lake this morning.

1 Willow Tit, 6 Great Crested Grebe, 1 Cormorant, 3 Swift, 1 Coot, 1 Moorhen, 2 Coal Tit, 1 Grey Wagtail, , 2 Canada, 2 Bullfinch, 1f Reeb Bunting, 1 Great Spotted Woodpecker.


Posted May 31st at 2:47 pm by Rod Mudge in Bird News

Red Kite

A red kite seen over Kingskerswell 10.25am this morning, being chased by a sparrowhawk.

Posted May 31st at 12:15 pm by George Bemment in Bird News

Trentishoe, Exmoor – Sunday 29th

Four Bee-eaters flew south-west, low over our heads, as we walked back over the flanks of Trentishoe Common after doing some surveying for the National Trust. As always, heard before we saw them, and a fleeting moment, with the loose migrating flock gone from view within a minute. Totally unforgettable though! Also 13 passage Red Kites, in the space of about an hour or so, thermalling over the hill in ones, twos and threes before drifting off high to the east-north-east.

Apologies for the late post. Frustratingly without 4G for 36 hours…

Posted May 31st at 8:07 am by Tim Jones in Bird News

Monday 30th May 2022

Challacombe Farm/Headland Warren, Dartmoor

Single Red Kites seen at 10.20 near Challacombe Farm and at 11.50 between Grimspound and Headland Warren. Could have been the same bird. 

Posted May 30th at 9:43 pm by Paul Darlington in Bird News

Two Red kites

Two Red Kites over Holwell Tor (Nr Haytor, Dartmoor) visible between 12.30pm and 1pm.

Posted May 30th at 7:03 pm by Kevin Bunclark in Bird News

Red Kite - Torquay

Red kite at top of Chelston 335-340pm slowly circling and heading north.

Posted May 30th at 3:47 pm by Mark Bailey in Bird News


3 kites spotted over sandygate/ clyst marshes. today 12am 30th May

Posted May 30th at 12:09 pm by phil hands in Bird News

GND Plymouth (Sunday)

Unfortunately a very sick looking Great Northern Diver was present all morning close to the Drake's Island landing stage.

Posted May 30th at 10:27 am by Richard Billington in Bird News

Red Kite

Yesterday (Sunday) another Red Kite sighting at Northam over Borrough farm NT property adjacent to the River Torridge. A single bird flying north along the River Torridge valley.

Posted May 30th at 7:24 am by Stan Coats in Bird News

Sunday 29th May 2022

Crownhill Down

A very confiding juv. Raven, 2 Wheatears, Stonechats, Tree Pipit, at least 2 Cuckoos, Swifts and Swallows


Posted May 29th at 7:36 pm by Bob Barrow in Bird News

Red Kites

Two Red Kites over Tower View viewed from my rear garden at Old Torrington Road this afternoon about 2.45pm

Posted May 29th at 4:11 pm by Robert Morgan in Bird News


1 Red Kite over Roundswell this afternoon 14.45.

Posted May 29th at 2:51 pm by Dave Paterson in Bird News

Ludwell Valley Park

2 more red kites over Wonford from the playing fields.

Posted May 29th at 10:59 am by Helen Whitall in Bird News

Red Kite over Bideford

Squawking Herring Gulls alerted my attention and looking up saw 5 of the local nesting birds harassing a Red Kite flying over the roof tops....

Posted May 29th at 10:35 am by Malcolm Shakespeare in Bird News

Red Kites over Affaland

Good morning all, 8:35 am this morning 2 red kite flying over Affaland(clawton) drifting slowly west , one of which doing a good impression of a black kite but it was a red kite.

Posted May 29th at 9:06 am by Nigel John Bastin in Bird News

Saturday Red Kites

Apologies for delay. Three Red Kites spotted yesterday, Saturday, on car travel west of Oakhampton two of which were in very close proximity to each other. All flying north / north west.

Posted May 29th at 8:20 am by Dan Kent in Bird News

Hartland Area (Saturday)

Walk around Hartland and Bursdon Moor area yesterday  Two, maybe three, Red Kites amongst the many Buzzards. On the coast path Whitethroats, Willow Warblers, Chiffchaffs, Linnets, Wheatears amongst others, on the sea Gannets and Fulmars, and in the woods Tree Pipit, Blackcaps, Spotted Flycatcher and Raven.

Red Kite mobbed by Jackdaws
Red Kite mobbed by Jackdaws
Spotted Flycatcher
Spotted Flycatcher

Posted May 29th at 8:15 am by Peter Newman in Bird News

Saturday 28th May 2022

Red kite south devon

Red kite sighted this morning at 09.30 over Preston, near Newton Ferrers.

Posted May 28th at 4:41 pm by Dr David croot in Bird News

Wigford Down to Dewerstone

at least 5 Cuckoos in area including a female, three pairs of Wheatear, and a singing Pied Flycatcher in Cadworthy Wood

Posted May 28th at 3:49 pm by roger smaldon in Bird News

Higher Compton, Plymouth

A Red Kite over house going NW at 1420 today

Posted May 28th at 3:45 pm by roger smaldon in Bird News


Red Kite over Wembury 08.45

Posted May 28th at 8:46 am by Robert Massey in Bird News


A little late reporting but 4 swifts over Exeter St David's station on 25th May.

Posted May 28th at 7:39 am by Aubrey McKenzie in Bird News

Friday 27th May 2022

Wrafton area

Late out today, and met a birdwatcher who had walked down to Sherpa main pond and seen lots of Canada Geese with 'something else' which he thought might be a Greylag. A small bell went off in my small brain and after looking round the reserve, I took a similar walk and after 20 or 30 minutes a few more Canadas appeared over towards Chivenor, and the last one on the left showed it was a real alarm bell when it morphed into the elusive Pink-footed Goose! I called Andy and he also managed to see it. Also present at least 4 Swifts, a Swallow (yes only one) and the white Reed Bunting. The drake Pochard still present on Wrafton Pond.

Posted May 27th at 8:33 pm by Jon Turner in Bird News

Berry head offshore

1 Balearic Shearwater. A bit of a surprise but it passed my kayak only a few feet away so no doubt about id.

8 Manx shearwater

1 non-BP Great Northern Diver on water

Posted May 27th at 7:44 pm by Rupert Kirkwood in Bird News

Emsworthy & Holwell

Brilliant day out for the wife and I starting at 0730 at Emsworthy and walked the site across to the Lawn not leaving until 1500. The weather was fantastic, bright and sunny. The birds were very obliging firstly hearing the cuckoo and at the end finding two. One of which was chased off by a meadow pipit. Other sightings include Redstart, Wheatear, Linnet, Skylark and a Yellow Wagtail and a pair of Marsh tit by Becca brook. Garden and Willow warbler where the Mire leads down to the stream in the valley. We also had Whitethroat, Stonechat, Nuthatch, Mistle Thrush, Kestrel, Buzzard and Pheasant. And an app suggesting it heard a Goldcrest? What a tremendous day it was!

Eds: If the 'Yellow Wagtail' was by the Becca Brook it was almost certainly a Grey Wagtail (which are Yellow!). Yellow Wagtail is a rare bird on Dartmoor.

Posted May 27th at 6:11 pm by Kenneth Bradley in Bird News

Thursday 26th May 2022

Crownhill Down

2 Buzzards, 2 Mistle thrush, a high flying Swift, a Raven, a Wheatear and a solitary Whinchat. Swallows and Sand martins over the nearby Portworthy Lake.

Mistle Thrush
Mistle Thrush

Posted May 26th at 5:28 pm by Bob Barrow in Bird News

Wednesday 25th May 2022


Certainly four possible as many as five Nightjar at Heathfield this evening, three of them coming remarkably close, best views that I have ever had of these birds.

Only record shots as shooting at silly high ISO levels to negate the need to use flash photography.


Posted May 25th at 11:18 pm by Steve Hopper in Bird News

Crownhill Down, Dartmoor

Sanderling, Ringed Plover and 5 Dunlin this PM. All in the huge pit at the top of the down.

Posted May 25th at 4:28 pm by Chris E in Bird News

Dawlish Warren

Yesterday on the Warren beach a mixed flock of around 70 Sanderling and Dunlin. 6 Turnstones on sea wall

Sanderling and Dunlin
Sanderling and Dunlin

Posted May 25th at 8:18 am by Bob Barrow in Bird News

Tuesday 24th May 2022

Recent Field Trip Pictures - Part 2

Obliging Redstart in full voice and a Swallow enduring the heavy rain on the East Devon Field Trip to Warren House Inn-Golden Dagger/Challacombe Farm area of Dartmoor yesterday.


Posted May 24th at 10:15 pm by John Reeves in Bird News

Recent Field Trip Pictures - Part 1

Some Whinchat pictures from the East Devon Branch Field Trip to Warren House Inn-Golden Dagger/Challacombe Farm area on Dartmoor on 23rd May.


Posted May 24th at 10:11 pm by John Reeves in Bird News

Red Kite, Salcombe

Seen circling over Bonfire Hill at 10.45am

Posted May 24th at 6:34 pm by paul barker in Bird News

Plymouth Sound

2 Red Kites flying in through in towards Plymouth city.

Posted May 24th at 12:09 pm by Vic & Sylvia Tucker in Bird News

Devonport Dockyard

Red Kites flying over the dockyard from the south, heading over to Cornwall to catch a thermal.

Posted May 24th at 10:17 am by John Simons in Bird News

Warren House Inn-Golden Dagger/Challacombe Frm.

Yesterdays field walk attended by 11 members (East Devon Branch) found plenty of Whinchat and Cuckoo plus others between heavy rain showers. After lunch a visit to Challacombe Farm, birds were few although a nice Redstart was present.  A Robins nest with young was found in a wall and a pair of Nuthatch seen visiting a nest site.  Rain stopped play shortly afterwards.

Posted May 24th at 8:40 am by Jonathan Ruscoe in Bird News

Monday 23rd May 2022

Plymbridge Woods

A Red Kite flying north at 14.10.

Posted May 23rd at 11:00 pm by Joe Higman in Bird News

Anstey Common sightings

Over the last few days on Anstey Common near Hawkridge we've seen four Red Kite five Yellowhammer seen and heard about 8 Willow Warbler. Today, our 1st this year, we heard, then saw, being mobbed by three LBJ's, a Cuckoo. Shortly after that two Lesser Redpoll, 

Common Redpoll (?)
Lesser Redpoll 

Posted May 23rd at 7:29 pm by Phil and Sue Naylor in Bird News

Bickleigh near Plymouth

Red Kite circling over 42 Commando camp at Bickleigh near Plymouth 12:13 pm.

Posted May 23rd at 3:01 pm by Rob Hubble in Bird News

Red Kite- Torquay

1 Red Kite north over Torquay viewed from Chelston 2.14-2.20pm after being seen from Livermead a few minutes before 

Posted May 23rd at 2:34 pm by Mark Bailey in Bird News

Farway, Colyton

Red Kite over flying west at noon today.

Posted May 23rd at 2:21 pm by Mark Wingate in Bird News

Sunday 22nd May 2022


Five of the group of 8 kites over Woodbury Castle at 1830 this evening. Possibly includes the 4 birds seen by Jonathan Ruscoe over Marsh Green circa 15 minutes earlier.


Posted May 22nd at 9:54 pm by Robin Pearson in Bird News

Lundy Trip

Good numbers of Manx Shearwaters on both ferry crossings and the usual numbers of all three Auks. Gannets, Fulmar and Kittiwake a bit thin generally. The round island trip had us seeing hundreds of Guillemots and Razorbills and plenty of Puffins - mostly on the cliffs and on the water around Jenny's cove. 2 Peregrine.

On the island Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff plus a few Spotted Flycatcher in Milcombe, 4 smart Yellow Wagtails 2m, 1f and one Blue-headed in Barton Field with the sheep - Tree Pipit and a few Sika Deer n the centre of the island and the usual Meadow Pipits, Linnets Skylarks Wheatears and Stonechat scattered about. Biggest surprise was a female Mandarin Duck (new to Lundy) on rocks by the jetty as we left! A few Common Dolphin and a lone Porpoise on the way back.

Posted May 22nd at 9:40 pm by Jon Turner in Bird News

Crownhill Down, Dartmoor

3 Sanderling, 2 Ringed Plover (in huge pit at top of the down). 2 Cuckoo also around this eve.

Posted May 22nd at 8:23 pm by Chris E in Bird News

Ludwell Valley Park

3 red kites low over the ridge about 3.15pm.

Posted May 22nd at 6:51 pm by Helen Whitall in Bird News

Marsh Green

Four more Red Kites together over the village at 18.05 drifting south in what appeared to be a family group.

Posted May 22nd at 6:28 pm by Jonathan Ruscoe in Bird News

Field at Greysholt on Stoney Lane, Landkey.

Although not totally bird relate, I now know we have blackcaps nesting amongst our mix of trees, but yesterday produced a common lizard and an emperor dragonfly as well. At home in Old Torrington Road, my nest box has been taken over by a colony of bumble bees which is most welcome.

Posted May 22nd at 5:02 pm by Robert Morgan in Bird News

East Devon

Aylesbeare Common. A short walk around the common produced a Cuckoo calling at 09.30 followed by a brief sighting before it flew off towards Hawkerland. Also present 3 Siskin, Green Woodpecker, Tree Pipit, Stonechats and usual residents.

Back at home (Marsh Green) this afternoon, Red Kites put in an appearance with two at 15.35 heading NW and one drifting SW at 16.10 (could be same bird).

Posted May 22nd at 4:29 pm by Jonathan Ruscoe in Bird News

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