Devon Bird Sightings: Other Wildlife from 1st–7th May 2020

Scarce Breeding Birds - important posting guidelines

Please do not post any information about scarce or rare breeding species. They may be vulnerable to persecution or disturbance. 

The exception is information on these species at well known sites (e.g. Broadsands for Cirl Bunting and Aylesbeare for Dartford Warbler) or birds which are obvious migrants away from breeding sites.

If in any doubut, please don't post but report your sighting to the county recorder asap. Site editors cannot commit to editing posts which breach these guidelines, and the whole post may be removed or not admitted.

Further details can be found in the link below, but note, Wood Warbler is now also included as a scarce breeder:-

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Saturday 2nd May 2020


Sorry for the late post. Following the visits of mother and child,twice in the last couple of years, this week we had a late night visit form two adult hedgehogs. One took off immediately and the other tried to hisde behind the tubs, hence the poor photo. Perhaps it was camera shy! I had wondered at the lack of evidence of slugs or snails but now I know. How they get in or out I have no idea but am just grateful for their visits as it means I can grow delphiniums and hostas in relaitive freedom.


Posted May 2nd, 2020 at 9:37 am by Philip L. Fairclough in Other Wildlife

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