Devon Bird Sightings from 22nd–31st March 2020

2019 Descriptions - last call

The deadline for the 2019 Bird Report is rapidly approaching. If you found (or saw) any of these birds please could you submit a description to to ensure your records are published. Many thanks. 

Alpine Swift, Dawlish 11 Jun  Hooded Crow, Baggy Point 10 May
Barred Warbler, Thurlestone 30 Aug Long-tailed Skua, Dawlish Warren 11 Oct
Caspian Gull, Thurlestone, 08 Feb Purple Heron, Slapton Ley 07 May
Caspian Gull, Topsham 02 Aug Sabine's Gull, Thurlestone 14 Aug
Cory's Shearwater, Berry Head 19 Jul Serin (2), Harrowbeer 19 Apr
Glossy Ibis, Otter Est 11-13 Mar Tree Sparrow (2), Berry Head 20 Mar


Posted May 2nd at 3:27 pm by Kevin Rylands in General Birding

Coronavirus update - Bird Hides

Please be aware that in line with Government guidelines on social distancing, the Devon Birds hides at Beesands, Fernworthy and Roadford, in addition to hides elsewhere in the County including Dawlish Warren are closed until further notice. Thank you for your co-operation and stay safe.

Please follow NHS guidelines:

Posted April 16th at 12:04 pm by Mike Daniels in General Birding


If you follow our Blog but are not currently a member of Devon Birds please consider joining Devon Birds to help with the upkeep of running the website and this service as well as our valuable conservation work.

Posted October 10th, 2016 at 9:14 am in General Birding

Tuesday 31st March 2020


Female Wigeon and drake Red-crested Pochard on Wrafton Pond this morning. Out on the scrape now 6 Black-tailed Godwits (a couple in summer plumage) Plus 24 Teal, 2 Shelduck 12 Canada Geese, 4 Pied Wagtail. Nearby several Chiffchaffs and a couple of Willow Warblers singing.

Posted March 31st at 1:46 pm by Jon Turner in General Birding

Widey woods Plymouth 1/4/2020

Couple of new birds this morning make sparrow hawk .chiffchaff.and jays busy collecting nesting material 

Posted March 31st at 10:03 am by Mike Williams in General Birding

Monday 30th March 2020

Fremington Pill

Popped out to Fremington Pill this afternoon. Saw a couple of Little Egrets, a single Curlew, a Spotted Redshank, a Greenshank and a couple of Shelduck, In the trees on the other side of the river I could hear a Green Woodpecker and on my way home a Chiffchaff  called out.

Curlew                                              Greenshank

Posted March 30th at 7:27 pm by Martin Bennett in General Birding

South-west Chudleigh

Over 5 'exercise' walks from home in the last 10 days (to compensate for not being in the Antarctic!), I've been counting birds between the SW edge of Chudleigh town and the River Teign. I finally got around to using the BTO's BirdTrack app* and have notched up 41 species, the highlights of which have been: a pair of Mandarin Ducks, 3 Stock Doves, 1 Moorhen (unexpected on the Teign), 2 Lesser Black-backed Gulls (moving N), Kingfisher, a pair of Dippers displaying, 5 Chiffchaffs, 4 Blackcaps, Grey Wagtail, Bullfinch, 3 Roe Deer, 2 Rabbits (rare here these days) and a bat flying in daylight.

* The app is excellent and allows you to easily record what you see as you go along and then upload the data when you get home. A great way to make use of the records you gather as you're birding, and I believe the records come back to Devon Birds at some point. And you can record mammals and dragonflies as well!

Posted March 30th at 5:29 pm by Dave Smallshire in General Birding


Quick look at the scrape this morning - much as yesterday but 5 Black-tailed Godwits too.

Posted March 30th at 1:41 pm by Jon Turner in General Birding

River Otter, Weston

Pair Goosander, pair Grey Wagtail. Also 2 Angleshades moths sunning on our windowsill in Honiton. 

Posted March 30th at 12:39 pm by Andy Rook in General Birding

Fieldfares - Kingsteignton

Nine Fieldfare heading north into the headwind over Kingsteignton at 0845hrs

Posted March 30th at 12:32 pm by JDA in General Birding

Sunday 29th March 2020

Widey woods Plymouth 29 03 2020

My very local patch produced buzzard jay long tailed tit bullfinch and the usual woodland suspects 

Posted March 29th at 9:19 pm by Mike Williams in General Birding

Duty of care to our NHS staff.

While it is good for the well being of us all to get out and about, we must consider our NHS staff. So where we go, how long we stay outside, who we go with or meet should be kept to a minimum and while you are out be sensible about maintaining the Social Distance.

Posted March 29th at 6:19 pm by Martin Bennett in General Birding


A Wren sunning itself along the footpath

Posted March 29th at 4:20 pm by Martin Bennett in General Birding


On my home I took the foot path between Tews Lane and Maple Grove.

 I saw and heard a lot of different types of birds,  a Bullfinch, Greenfinch, Goldfinch, a number of Wrens, a Blackcap some tits  

Chaffinch                       Greenfinch                             Goldfinch

Posted March 29th at 4:17 pm by Martin Bennett in General Birding

Fremington Pill

Popped out to Fremington Quay this morning for my daily exorcise and  took my camera to help me build muscle tone you know!

GreenshankSpotted RedshankLittle Egret
Greenshank                      Spotted Redshank                          Little Egret

Posted March 29th at 4:05 pm by Martin Bennett in General Birding

Fremington Pill

Roost of about 12 Little Egrets in the trees at the top of the Pill, 10+ shelduck, 20 redshank and 1 swallow seen this morning whilst on daily exercise this morning. 

Posted March 29th at 3:35 pm by Paul Bearman in General Birding


Daily exercise ride to the pond and scrape, which was very busy. several Sand Martins hunting insects in the shelter of the railway embankment footpath. On the scrape a Shelduck, 2 Shoveler 27 Teal, 2 Pied Wagtail 17 Canada Geese, 2 Swans. By Wrafton pond a lone singing Willow Warbler livened up my day.

Posted March 29th at 2:02 pm by Jon Turner in General Birding

Early morning in Exeter

Early morning dog-walking from St. Davids to Trews Weir and back - several singing Chiffchaff, Great Crested Grebes and my first Swallow of the year: one around the canal basin and later at the Millenium Bridge (probably the same bird).

Posted March 29th at 12:32 pm by Martin Overy in General Birding

Collaton St Mary

Seen from our bedroom window at 9.15 this morning in the lane - 2 Red-legged Partridges.Last seen here in April 2005. In 2003 they successfully bred in the church graveyard.

Chiichaffs have arrived but still await returning Swallows  and House Martins

Posted March 29th at 11:44 am by David Leigh in General Birding

South Brent

From home this morning a Peregrine falcon in after my racing pigeons !!! Followed a few minutes later by another sighting of a Red Kite, looking at the state of its tail and wing moult it's the same bird that was seen here yesterday.

Bird No.23 of the day being the would be cock Italian Sparrow sp that has been visiting since January.

Heron overhead and a GSWP started the day just on sunrise.

Posted March 29th at 11:23 am by Steve Hopper in General Birding

Garden lockdown list

I'm up to 21 species seen from my Modbury garden during this terrible time. Some of them very distant and seen through my scope. 4 species of corvid (no jay yet) a stock dove flying over, a distant little egret in flight and a male blackcap which was in the garden and a first for the year for me. Also a distant buzzard the rest are the usual garden visitors. Seeing if I can beat my rival and arch nemesis Rob Murphy who is on 22. 

Posted March 29th at 7:39 am by Richie Moore in General Birding

Garden insects

A nice dotted Bee-fly in the garden today, they seem to like primroses. They are heralds of spring appearing on sunny days in March and April.It is associated with larger colonies of spring-flying mining bees, which nest in very short turf or bare ground in well drained, sunny areas (e.g. south facing slopes and along footpaths). The female bee-flies can be found hovering around such colonies flicking their eggs into the nesting holes. The larvae are parasites of the bee grubs in their underground nest cells,  waiting until the grubs are fully-grown before devouring them.

Dotted Bee-flyDotted Bee-flyHoverfly, Eristalis species
Dotted Bee-fly                               Dotted Bee-fly                          Hoverfly, Eristalis species

Posted March 29th at 7:30 am by Richie Moore in Other Wildlife

Saturday 28th March 2020


Seen in the Avon, between the railway line and the Lawns, 27.3.20.

Posted March 28th at 11:07 pm by Desley White in General Birding

Red kite

Seen 28.3.20 in South Brent, flying up the Avon valley north of Lydia Bridge. Settled in a tree at Lutton, 17.45.

Posted March 28th at 11:04 pm by Desley White in General Birding

Fremington Pill

On our one walk of the day we went to Fremington Pill. The 2 ruff are still present, as is the spotted redshank and a couple of greenshank.

RuffSpotted Redshankgreenshank
Ruff                                  Spotted Redshank                         greenshank

Posted March 28th at 8:33 pm by Colin Dracott in General Birding

South Brent ~ Red Kite(s)

This afternoon a friend in the village rang to say he had a Red Kite over his garden heading my way on turning round I got the briefest view as it passed into the A38 corridor valley.

That prompted me to have a walk around the home fields finding a pair of Long Tailed Tit investigating a holly thicket, then a pair of GSWP's followed by a Chiffchaff the first one I have seen here this season, Pied Wagtail, Wren, Buzzard, Sparrowhawk and two LBBG's passing over.

Back to the kitchen to watch the garden feed station, the Italian Sparrow sp has been showing on and off since 8am this morning, along with Greenfinch, numerous Chaffinch, House Sparrow, Blue and Great Tit, Dunnock, Wren and a plague of Rooks trying to get at the feeders.

Was then aware of a large bird in the air coming down from the Exeter direction and the same or another Red Kite was about to pass over the house, images poor as by the time I grabbed the camera it was almost in line with the sun, very tatty tailed bird.




Posted March 28th at 4:05 pm by Steve Hopper in General Birding


Cycled to the pond and scrape - 6-8 Sand Martins and a Swallow, but with this cold wind certainly not summer yet.

Posted March 28th at 1:45 pm by Jon Turner in General Birding

Shiphay, Torquay


Red Kite low over my back garden being mobbed by three Herring Gulls. It then headed over Cadewell Park and on towards Newton Road and the railway line. 


Same or different Red Kite flying the exact same route as above, this time being mobbed by Herring Gulls and Corvids. 

From the garden and in flight earlier this morning, Sparrowhawk, several Buzzards and two Ravens. 

Posted March 28th at 1:40 pm by Paul Darlington in General Birding

Friday 27th March 2020

Home bird watch ~ South Brent

Another early wake up call around 5.30am thanks to the very vocal daily fly pasts from a number of Canada geese, Green Woodpecker calling but fortunately not as loudly, four LBBG's over today have been seeing this species passing over the house almost every day for the last 10 days or so.

Two Buzzards and a Raven overhead.

Female Bullfinch on the feeders, a new female House Sparrow showing a few white feathers turned up and Passer brentus the would be Italian Sparrow sp rocked up just before 3.30pm.

A walk around the house fields gave several pairs of birds on territories inc Great, Blue and Coal Tits, Chaffinch and displaying Greenfinch.

Spent part of the afternoon putting up some new nest boxes with luck something to take up residence.

A friend in Ivybridge rang to say he had a Chiffchaff and a female Blackcap in his garden.

Posted March 27th at 10:19 pm by Steve Hopper in General Birding

Little egret

On my key worker drive to work, there was a little egret flying up the parkway in plymouth at 9am. Landed in a tree. Never seen an egret flying up this busy dual carriageway before.

Posted March 27th at 8:30 pm by David scott in General Birding

Red Kite

Red Kite seen today at Cofton near Dawlish Warren

Posted March 27th at 6:42 pm by C Lockton in General Birding

Harleston by Slapton

Just 7 Common Buzzards flying high NNE this afternoon. Blackcap singing in garden.

Posted March 27th at 4:53 pm by Rob Macklin in Scarce / Rare Birds & Passage Counts

Garden birds

A pair of treecreepers and a pair of goldcrests have been visiting the garden in Tiverton over the last few days.


Posted March 27th at 4:42 pm by Richard Gowen in General Birding

Barnstaple Red Kite

Red Kite over Roundswell this afternoon at 13.45 being mobbed by gulls.

Posted March 27th at 3:38 pm by Dave Paterson in General Birding

Red kite

Red kite seen flying over my garden in Old Torrington Road Barnstaple at 2pm

Posted March 27th at 2:05 pm by brian sims in General Birding

Bovey River

I am very fortunate to live a couple of minutes walk from the river and to be able to exercise there.  Today and since the 25th I have been hearing a number of chiffchaffs singing.  Finally managed to see the blackcap that has also been singing since Wednesday.  There are a number of them along the river.  

Posted March 27th at 10:31 am by Margaret Harland in General Birding

Thursday 26th March 2020

Harleston by Slapton

An amazing 56 Common Buzzards on migration in 90 mins (1415 - 1545) over the valley, generally flying high NE. Any low birds quickly seen off by resident pair. Also: Tawny Owl calling, singing Chiffchaff, displaying Greenfinch, 2 Green Woodpeckers & 2 Great Spotted Woodpeckers - not bad for a day in the garden!

Non-avian: Small Tortoiseshell.

Posted March 26th at 4:10 pm by Rob Macklin in Scarce / Rare Birds & Passage Counts


Cuckoo heard this morning whilst out delivering shopping.

Posted March 26th at 1:43 pm by Charlie Imms in General Birding


Red kite 

Posted March 26th at 1:30 pm by Mrs Mavis Goddard in General Birding

Lynton on our exersise walk.

Flocks of about 30 Pied Wagtails and Stonechats mostly males.1 male Wheatear,Buzzard,1, Flock of Meadow Pipits,2 Goldcrest and 1 nesting Nuthatch.

Wheatear                                   Stonechat                                       Buzzard

Posted March 26th at 11:39 am by john elvin in General Birding

Wednesday 25th March 2020


Around and over the garden today

Pair of greater spotted woodpeckersGoldcrestLocal raven warning off local buzzard
Pair of greater spotted woodpeckers                      Goldcrest            Local raven warning off local buzzard

Posted March 25th at 11:39 pm by Geoff Mitchell in General Birding

Reeves Pheasant nr S Molton

Male Reeves Pheasant SS760257

Male Reeves PheasantMale Reeves Pheasant
Male Reeves Pheasant


Posted March 25th at 9:07 pm by Alan Ford in General Birding


Took our dog for her daily walk this afternoon also took my camera.  Walked up Tews Lane where a number (15-20) Starlings grabbed my attention. 


Posted March 25th at 9:05 pm by Martin Bennett in General Birding

House Martin over Dartmoor Garden

Had my first House Martin of the year high over the garden in Bridford Village on the edge of Dartmoor today.

House MartinHouse Martin
House Martin


Posted March 25th at 7:29 pm by Sam Gray in General Birding

At home in Braunton

Great Spotted Woodpecker drumming and a female on the peanuts too. Green Woodpecker calling off in the woods. Two Jays were nearby and the usual collection of Tits and a male Blackcap early on. Later on I added Brimstone to the garden and year list for Butterflies.

Posted March 25th at 5:44 pm by Jon Turner in General Birding


Blackcap, Topsham

Posted March 25th at 1:47 pm by Lee Summersby in General Birding


At least 3 Red Kites high over the Village this lunchtime. 

Posted March 25th at 1:32 pm by Martin Thorne in General Birding

Birdwatching is NOT essential travel at this time!

Can you please act responsibly and not encourage travelling by posting birds that are not from your immediate house location

Eds: Agreed - any posts were it is obvious the birder has driven to the site to birdwatch will be deleted until we all are given the clearance to go out again..

Posted March 25th at 12:24 pm by Barry Rankine in General Birding

Rippon Tor

Late post for Tuesday 24th: 75 Golden Plover at the north end of Blackslade Mire just west of Rippon Tor. Many in smart breeding plumage and looking superb in the evening sunshine. 

Posted March 25th at 12:14 pm by Andy Smith in General Birding

From a garden at Hope cove

Whilst working on my own in a garden at Hope cove, Stock doves, lots of wood pigeons and Jackdaws, a few chiffchaffs and singing dunnocks. Heard green woodpecker in the distance.

Wood pigeonStock doveJackdaw
Wood pigeon                      Stock dove                           Jackdaw

Posted March 25th at 5:56 am by Richie Moore in General Birding

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Birdwatching is NOT essential travel at this time!

Birdwatching is NOT essential travel at this time!
Leave a reply
Whilst birding can be good for exercise and mental wellbeing, we are taking the view that travelling ANYWHERE, even locally to see birds that others have found, cannot be encouraged at this time. It is non-essential travel and does not conform with current government guidance.

We will therefore not be publishing bird news until it is safe to travel. We encourage you to watch the birds in your garden and submit your sightings and data to the BTO’s Birdtrack scheme.

Could you please post this and not pictures of birders who  not conform with current government guidance.

Posted March 24th at 11:17 pm by Barry Rankine in General Birding


Red Kite over garden early afternoon. Circling high, travelling west towards Plymouth. Five Buzzard also around, Meadow Pipit and 2 Siskin also over.

Posted March 24th at 6:53 pm by Chris E in General Birding

Red Crested Pochard at Wrafton Pond

Taken today at 4.30pm. Thanks to the earlier post for letting us know it had returned.

Posted March 24th at 6:35 pm by Amanda Duffin in General Birding

Dawlish Warren & South Brent

A just before sunrise visit to Dawlish Warren this morning gave 39 species including ~ LBBG, GBBG, Teal, Shelduck, 23 Greenfinch, GSWP, DB & LB Brent Geese, Stonechat, 26 plus Knot, 40 plus Linnet, 4 Ringed Plover, 2 Dunlin, 2 Sanderling, 26 plus Turnstone, 20 plus Skylark, 14 Dunnock, 23 plus Goldfinch, 199 Curlew (one ringed bird right leg, blue above knee, green over yellow below) one Whimbrel in with the Curlew, 5 Redshank, 1 Chiffchaff and 2 Song Thrush.

An early afternoon visit to a local farm on the edge of Dartmoor above South Brent to place some nest boxes, a brief bird watch gave 18 species including 3 Wren, 5 Stock Dove, 1 Marsh Tit, 1 Goldcrest, 1 Nuthatch, a pair of displaying and nest building Treecreeper,1 Song Thrush, a pair of Buzzard, 1 GSWP and 1 Raven.

Several Peacock butterflies and an unidentified type of eared bat that was flying around in the warm sunshine.

The Italian type Sparrow continues to frequent the garden feeders at home.


Posted March 24th at 5:12 pm by Steve Hopper in General Birding

Harleston by Slapton

Superb raptor migration over 2 hours this pm, involving 38 Common Buzzards, discounting the resident pair who were very interested, leaving 36 migrating birds generally migrating high NE. Also first Swallow of the year.

Posted March 24th at 4:49 pm by Rob Macklin in General Birding

Wrafton Pond

My daily exercise took me on my bike to Wrafton Pond this morning where there were no Sand Martins but one of the drake Red-crested Pochard has returned.

Posted March 24th at 1:57 pm by Jon Turner in General Birding


First,  Wheatear (M), of the year, plenty of Skylarks, Raven, Buzzard and Meadow Pipits. 

Posted March 24th at 1:38 pm by Mave Goddard in General Birding


Osprey hunting the lower Exe, mainly off Mudbank - 1030 - 1110. From back garden.

Posted March 24th at 12:08 pm by Matt Knott in Scarce / Rare Birds & Passage Counts

Monday 23rd March 2020

Holwell Down, Dartmoor

Dotterel on short grassy area by road  this evening til dusk at SX7368777567.

Dotterel                         Dotterel

Posted March 23rd at 8:12 pm by Rick Lockwood in General Birding

Roborough Down 23-03-20 Red Kite

On Roborough Down this afternoon a Red Kite flew towards Plymouth, distant shots

Posted March 23rd at 4:28 pm by Greg Bradbury in General Birding


Ringing in the reserve (the perfect place to self-isolate!) Produced of note: 1 Reed Bunting, 9 Chiffchaff, 2 Goldcrest, and a Willow Warbler - very long wing making it a male, which usually arrive first. Sadly it didn't sing. Only 3 or 4 Sand Martins over early on.

6 or 7 Peacock, 2 or 3 Small Tortoiseshell (one very scruffy) and a cracking Comma.

Posted March 23rd at 4:20 pm by Jon Turner in General Birding

Red Kite over Bideford

Red Kite at 12.57 p.m. flying S.E. then E.  Seen from my back garden GR SS 45063 26153  That's the GR of the viewpoint, not the bird.  Too slow off the mark with the camera, though.  Sorry.

Posted March 23rd at 4:02 pm by JOHN WARD in General Birding

Soar Mill Valley

17 Chiffchaffs in valley.

Posted March 23rd at 2:00 pm by Rob Macklin in General Birding

Horsey Island

Sunday 13:00 hours  two Ringed Plover  also,three Redshank,Little Egrets and groups of Shelduck.Sand Martins over fields near The Great field.

Posted March 23rd at 11:28 am by Fiona Moffatt in General Birding

Sightings, 23 March

09.15.  Red Kite over Dawlish Warren. Cirl Buntings feeding in the new park. 

Posted March 23rd at 11:12 am by Chris Sumner in General Birding

Garden Bovey Tracey

Isolated but the birds are coming to me.  A female reed bunting on my sunflower heart feeder this am.  A first for my garden.  I wonder what else I will see now that my focus is just on my small patch.

Posted March 23rd at 9:45 am by Margaret Harland in General Birding

Sunday 22nd March 2020

Exeter Quay - Countesswear

Walked a loop down the river and up the canal early this morning.

Lots of song in the sunshine from the common passerines, with minor contributions from Dipper, Treecreeper, Nuthatch, Grey Wagtail, Reed Bunting, Cetti's Warbler and Blackcap, I believe an over-wintering bird. The local Ravens were very vocal around sunrise; I assume that they, like the rest, have to tell their neighbours that they have survived the night. The Rooks at Matford, 80+ nests, added their few decibels. Approx. ten Sand Martins were feeding over the Countesswear ponds.

Non-passerine "song" came from all four Pigeon/Dove spp., Water Rail, Little Grebe and both Woodpeckers. 

Two each of Redshank and Green Sandpiper were feeding, silently, in the flood channels, and a handful of Wigeon, Teal and Shoveler remain at Matford.

Around 60 spp. in total by 09.30.

Posted March 22nd at 10:08 pm by James Camden in General Birding


After a few hours in the reserve pruning trees and being entertained by at least a dozen Chiffchaffs one of which was singing, I returned to the scrape early evening and reckon up to 100 Sand Martins but no Swallows among  them. Distant view of a female Marsh Harrier over Sherpa Marsh

Posted March 22nd at 9:59 pm by Jon Turner in General Birding

Dawlish Warren NNR

The Kentish Plover showed well along with Ringed Plover and Sanderling in the Bight area over the evening high tide.

Video of Kentish Plover:

Kentish Plover
Kentish Plover

Posted March 22nd at 9:45 pm by David Boult in Scarce / Rare Birds & Passage Counts


A Red Kite headed west up high mid morning. 

Had a walk around the Park this afternoon, a Firecrest, a pair of Goldcrest 8 Chiffchaff and a pair of obliging Grey Wagtails. 

Grey WagtailChiffchaff
                   Grey Wagtail                                           Chiffchaff

Posted March 22nd at 9:31 pm by Martin Thorne in General Birding

Exe & Dartmoor

On the way up to the Exe estuary checked the sea off of Labrador Bay very choppy and discoloured no sign of any of the recently reported Scoter's, but two male Cirl Bunting in the hedgerow around the car park.

Cockwood a count of 31 Cattle Egret, Sparrow hawk passed over them pursued by three Carrion Crow and most of the Egrets moved off over the hill.

Two Red Legged Partridge in the field alongside the golf course (which looks as if it’s been sold off for housing development despite being an important winter bird habitat)

The Slavonian Grebe spotted feeding up towards Powderham.

Three Egyptian Geese, one up a tree at the Powderham heronry, 25 Curlew and 12 Shell duck and six plus Heron around the heronry.

Exminster Marshes arrived just in time to watch the passage of up to 100 Sand Martin passing over the marsh feeding and drinking, 21 Mute Swan, 12 plus Little Egret, two Heron, plenty of Shell duck, small number of Curlew, two Cetti’s Warbler, two Chiffchaff, several Skylark, Water Rail calling almost constantly and a pair of Reed Bunting displaying and chasing.

Walked the Glazebrook onto Dartmoor from Owley this afternoon, very different from yesterday morning's walk, for an isolated spot surprising how many people were self-isolating up there, but twenty species recorded, in addition to yesterday’s post three Fieldfare, two LBBG, fourteen Stonechat, none seen yesterday.

A count of 48 Meadow Pipits, nine Skylark, six Buzzard, three Stock Dove, twenty two Carrion Crow and two Raven.

Posted March 22nd at 8:30 pm by Steve Hopper in General Birding

South Huish marsh and South Milton ley

On South Huish marsh, Ruff, cattle egret, redshank, 2 Black-tailed godwits, 2 Wheatear and 2 Avocet, at South Milton 2 snipe, 4 buzzard several singing chiffchaff and a nice reed bunting

Avocet                            Ruff                                   Buzzard

Posted March 22nd at 8:00 pm by Richie Moore in General Birding

Red Kite over Honiton

Red Kite over Honiton garden around 3 pm.

Posted March 22nd at 7:58 pm by Audrey Wolstenholme in General Birding


Late news for yesterday - the Blue-winged Teal showed well at around 12.30 before disappearing into vegetation.

Posted March 22nd at 6:53 pm by Will Salmon in Scarce / Rare Birds & Passage Counts

Red Kite & Golden Plovers

High flying Red Kite over Ilsington at around 4pm - seen in the distance but fortunately headed our way and flew over us. Heading north. Also at home in Ilsington a flock of c120 Golden Plover wheeling around for half an hour or so over the valley behind our house. Watched from our patio! Also 2 Green Woodpeckers, 5 Chiffchaffs singing along walk to Liverton plus 2 Mistle Thrushes. 1 Brimstone in our garden.

Posted March 22nd at 6:02 pm by Steve Hearn in General Birding

Red Kite

Red Kite over Paignton  at,drifting north being harassed by gulls.

Posted March 22nd at 3:54 pm by Tony Sherwood in General Birding

Plym Estuary & Saltram

Around the Plym Estuary this morning and a wander around Saltram produced the following.

Greenshank 4, Curlew 12, Redshank 99, Dunlin 2, Avocet 1 on Blaxton Meadow, Black Tailed Godwit 2, Oystercatcher 4, Common Gull 13,, Little Egret 6, Redwing 8 and Wheatear 1.

Posted March 22nd at 1:45 pm by Martin Phillips in General Birding


Female Black Redstart seen by Dave Paul at 7.15 and still there at 9.15. On rocks between bridge and first dog bins.

Posted March 22nd at 9:40 am by Roger Doble in General Birding


Stone Curlew. I wouldn’t normally post a sighting as this is a private site. However, it’s a good bird!

Posted March 22nd at 8:42 am by Martin Phillips in Scarce / Rare Birds & Passage Counts


Out on the sandbanks were GBBG, Shelduck, Cormorant, Oyster Catcher, A gull smaller that a Herring gull with a dark bill and a black band around and along the Tarka track were a good number of Linnets.

Shelduck? GullLinnet
 Shelduck                  ? Gull Eds: Common Gull 1st winter                       Linnet

Posted March 22nd at 12:49 am by Martin Bennett in General Birding


Fremington Pill - Ruffs, Greenshank, Redshank, Spotted Redshank, Common Sandpipe, Teal, Wigeon, Little Egrets, Curlew and Shelduck. No sign of the Glossy Ibis or the Kingfisher.

Ruff and RedshankCommon SandpiperGreenshank
Ruff and Redshank                  Common Sandpiper                         Greenshank

Posted March 22nd at 12:42 am by Martin Bennett in General Birding

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