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Missing Devon rarity records 2018 UPDATE

We have had a good response to the request for missing descriptions for a number of ‘A’ species reported in 2018. Thank you to those who have made the effort to provide these.

However some descriptions remain outstanding meaning, as things stand, they will not make the official record as part of the 2018 Devon Bird Report. It would be a great shame to lose these records but the report deadline is pressing.

If you saw any of these birds (you don’t have to be the finder) please can you submit a description and/or photos asap to Kev Rylands: Thank you.

Cory’s Shearwater (2) Ilfracombe 28 July
Cory’s Shearwater Thurlestone 26 August
Glossy Ibis Exe Estuary 21-27 October
Golden Oriole Blaxton Meadow 18 April
Great White Egret Exminster Marshes 30 March
Great White Egret Exmouth 06 May
Honey-buzzard Dartmoor 21-22 May
Pectoral Sandpiper Upper Tamar Lake 13 August
Rose-coloured Starling Beesands 27-28 August
Tree Sparrow Haldon 20 May

Posted September 24th at 8:44 am by Pete Aley in General Birding

Dawlish Warren

Please take extra care when visiting Dawlish Warren. We have been informed that due to the recent bad weather there has been significant erosion from Groyne 10 eastwards. This means that access along the site, to and from Warren Point (and the bird hide) will be via the beach only, with a risk of being cut off for a period either side of high water! Signs have been put up to alert people to the hazards, but people need to be aware that access routes that they have become used to may not be available and they need to exercise extreme caution,  with the possibility of being cut off by the tide, and people are strongly urged not to try climbing the sand cliffs. Further information is available on the Teignbridge District Council website.

Posted November 9th, 2018 at 11:08 am by Mike Daniels in General Birding


If you follow our Blog but are not currently a member of Devon Birds please consider joining Devon Birds to help us with the upkeep of running the website and this service as well as our valuable conservation work .

Posted October 10th, 2016 at 9:14 am by George & Julia Harris in General Birding

Sightings Page Changes

Acting on comments to Devon Birds some changes have been made to this page. To the right of this header post you'll see there are now several subjects for you to choose to read and post on. Just click your chosen subject and use as previously.

Please be careful not to post under the wrong subject. If you do, you can still easily go back to edit and change the subject yourself so it appears on the right page.

Please try and keep posts short, particularly in the Scarce / Rare Birds & Passage Counts page. Photographs are still very welcome.  

For help with ID email photos to

Posted June 30th, 2016 at 9:24 pm by George & Julia Harris in General Birding

Monday 21st October 2019

Torquay Reservoirs

A seasonally confusing walk. Goosander was the target, but none had arrived. However, several small parties of Crossbills were criss-crossing the plantations, with, eventually, an adult male seen perched in full song. Presumably the seed crop is good and breeding imminent. Half an hour later, 300+ Fieldfares, my first of the "Winter", flew over and dropped into the Bovey valley, so what season is it? Plenty of newly-arrived Skylarks and Meadow Pipits in the soggy pastures. 

Posted October 21st at 10:24 pm by James Camden in General Birding

Sanderling on Saunton Sands

A walk along Saunton Sands to Crow Point this afternoon produced 150+ Sanderling a single Common Scoter and 50+ Brent Geese.

a small flock of Dunlin on Horsey Island with 30+ Lapwing

Sanderling  150+ Sanderling on Saunton Beach  Common Scoter off Saunton Sands
Sanderling                      150+ Sanderling on Saunton Beach         Common Scoter off Saunton Sands

Posted October 21st at 8:34 pm by Derek Carter in General Birding

Prawle Point to Pig's Nose, Sunday 20th

Late report from Sunday 21st. Took the circular around the headland but found no sign of the recently reported wryneck.  Disappointment  was made up for by a brilliant close up sighting of a Short-eared Owl that landed on the path about 50m in front of us. (Not long enough for a photo though).  Other highlights were two Wheatear and six Swallows, along with probable migrant Great Spotted Woodpecker, Bullfinch, Blackcap and several Chiffchaff, amongst good numbers of the usual suspects Cirl Bunting, Yellowhammer, Linnets and Stonechats.

Posted October 21st at 3:27 pm by Chris & Janet Marcol in General Birding

N Devon

Northam Burrows: no sign of the Lapland Bunting, but 3 confiding Snow Buntings. A pale Wheatear was only a Northern.

Fremington Pill was as usual awash with Redshanks + 2 Spotted Redshank, and the Glossy Ibis was also present and showing well.

Posted October 21st at 1:13 pm by Jon Turner in General Birding

N Devon

Northam Burrows: no sign of the Lapland Bunting, but 3 confiding Snow Buntings. A pale Wheatear was only a Northern.

Fremington Pill was as usual awash with Redshanks + 2 Spotted Redshank, and the Glossy Ibis was also present and showing well.

Posted October 21st at 1:13 pm by Jon Turner in General Birding

Wembury Point.

I had a walk around before the dog walkers got out in force and noted the following. Redwing, Fieldfare, Firecrest 2  and  17 Cirl Bunting . Not much on the Point, only  a few Oystercatchers with 4 Curlew before being moved on by the dogs. The only waders seen by me.

Posted October 21st at 1:07 pm by Martin Phillips in General Birding

Sunday 20th October 2019

Haytor, Dartmoor

Late report for Saturday 19 October. c60 Golden Plover near Haytor, Dartmoor at 11.30am

Posted October 20th at 6:03 pm by Roger Duggleby in General Birding

Avon Dam

22 Fieldfares, 4 Ring Ouzels 6 Redwings.

Posted October 20th at 4:51 pm by Vic & Sylvia Tucker in General Birding

Dartmoor above South Brent & South Efford Marsh, Aveton Gifford.

A morning trip on Dartmoor above South Brent gave a bird of prey bonanza, initially a juvenile Sparrowhawk being mobbed by a crow, followed by two juvenile Peregrines playing tag with another crow, a Buzzard in the distance followed by a Goshawk flying down the valley with two crows trailing behind it.

Meadow Pipit and Gold Crests in good numbers, six sightings of Ring Ouzel, one single female followed by five together flying into a Rowan tree to feed, two Mistle Thrush and a couple of Raven.

South Efford Marsh at Aveton Gifford not a great deal to see, five Greenshank, two Redshank, eight plus Little Egret, Heron, a couple of Curlew, Canada geese providing a spectacle as they were arriving in flocks throughout the visit and on leaving just over 200 birds present including a large domestic goose that flew in with them. Brief view of a Kingfisher on leaving and a female Kestrel overhead.

Posted October 20th at 3:46 pm by Steve Hopper in General Birding

Emsworthy Mire

Up to 15 mobile Ring Ouzels early this morning N end,

Posted October 20th at 1:45 pm by Chris Buckland in General Birding


Great white egret at turf Saturday afternoon 

Posted October 20th at 8:46 am by Gerry Hooper in General Birding

Saturday 19th October 2019

Seaton wetlands

Nice to see a good sized flock of Lapwing at the Seaton wetlands today, just the usual birds nothing to get excited about but a good day all the same, small bird sp inc Stonechat, Reed Bunting, Meadow Pips, Wren, Chiffchaff.
Good sized gull roost on the dropping tide on the Axe lots of Black Head and Herring Gull with a handful of GBBG and at least two Common Gull.
Greenshank, Redshank, Curlew, Oyster catcher, Shellduck (two from the local ringing project) Little Egret, Heron, Black Tailed Godwit (one colour ringed bird), Teal and a Common Sandpiper, four Little Grebe, Peregrine.

Posted October 19th at 8:59 pm by Steve Hopper in General Birding

Tamar estuary / Ernesettle

This afternoon:

8 Little egret, 20 Black tailed Godwit, 2 Greenshank, 1 Great crested grebe, 1 Common sandpiper, 1 Kingfisher, 1 Firecrest.

Posted October 19th at 7:07 pm by Alan Livsey in General Birding

Shipley Bridge and Emsworthy Mire

09.30-12.30 - Shipley Bridge 

3 Ring Ouzels seen separately beyond the first bridge perched in trees or bushes. A group also seen briefly in flight passing over. Four species of raptors, 2 Song Thrushes, 2 Mistle Thrushes, 3 Blackbirds, Chiffchaff, Bullfinch, Goldcrest, Ravens and numerous Robins. 

14.00-15.00 - Emsworthy Mire 

At least 10 mobile Ring Ouzels showing well in bushes beyond the northern boundary of the reserve. Mainly juvs but also some females and a smart male. Kestrel, GSW, Ravens and several Mistle Thrushes present too. 

Posted October 19th at 6:34 pm by Paul Darlington in General Birding

Wembury Point

Highlights this morning, 3 Cirl Buntings and 2 Goldcrest. Large numbers of Finches and Blackbirds around the pines, as well as a female Blackcap and a Chiffchaff.

Posted October 19th at 3:55 pm by Matt C in General Birding

Lapland bunting

As well showing very well by wooden country side post in line with green shipping marker buoy northam burrows

Posted October 19th at 2:30 pm by Robert Marshall in General Birding

Dawlish Warren

A lovely sunny morning at Dawlish Warren produced flocks of Greenfinch, Goldfinch and Linnet. A lone Blackcap, plenty of Stonechat, a well camouflaged Cirl Bunting and I believe a Cetti's Warbler 50m from gate to dunes. Rusty brown but sadly a poor photgraph . Ed’s - this looks like a Wren.

Cirl Bunting
Cirl Bunting

Chetti's Warbler
Chetti's Warbler

Posted October 19th at 2:22 pm by Ian Muir in General Birding


Whilst watching a mistle thrush, 12 ring ouzels gathered around stayed together for several minutes, approx 11am today.

Posted October 19th at 2:21 pm by Gary Bolton in General Birding

Snow bunting

2 still showing well now at North end of northam burrows

Posted October 19th at 2:11 pm by Robert Marshall in General Birding

Glossy Ibis at Fremington

Just visiting from Sussex, so this is probably well-known, but there was a Glossy Ibis at Fremington Pill yesterday afternoon.

Posted October 19th at 10:01 am by Val Bentley in General Birding

Friday 18th October 2019

Fremongton Pill

Among the many Redshank lining the Pill, 1 Greenshank, 1 Spotted Redshank and surprisingly a male Ruff

Posted October 18th at 2:04 pm by Roger Doble in General Birding

Skern/Northam Burrows

2 Snow Buntings this morning at the north end of the golf course on the sea defences. Also of interest 50 Brent Geese of which 2 Pale-bellied, 8 Wigeon, a late Arctic Tern, c350 Golden Plover and a Raven.

Posted October 18th at 2:02 pm by Roger Doble in General Birding

Shipley ~ Ring Ouzels

They took their time in showing up this morning, and only one in any way ventured close to us, but eventually the first of eleven Ring Ouzels seen today up at Shipley showed up.

Until they arrived entertained by numerous Blackbirds and a small number of Mistle Thrush.

Three Raven over, M&F Kestrels, slow but steady movement of Chaffinch down the valley and a very active flock of 15 plus Long Tailed Tits.


Posted October 18th at 11:35 am by Steve Hopper in General Birding

Shipley Bridge (16th Oct) Ring Ouzels

Nine Ring Ouzel seen in the area  of the first bridge on the road from Shipley bridge to the Avon dam, mostly singles, three in flight at one point circled and went over Black Torr.

Raven and Kestrel, no sign of the numerous smaller species seen earlier in the week.

Posted October 18th at 6:57 am by Steve Hopper in General Birding

Thursday 17th October 2019


late afternoon: c250 Golden Plover (one flock) overhead, heading SSW.

Posted October 17th at 8:52 pm by Andy Smith in General Birding

Wembury Reeve’s Pheasants

We have had frequent sightings of Reeve’s Pheasants over the past couple of weeks and including today, around the Langdon Court area and north of the village. Presumably these are all released birds.  

Posted October 17th at 7:27 pm by Matt C in General Birding

Lower Tamar Lake

This morning at the lake.

8 Willow Tit, 3 Marsh Tit, 17 Coal Tit, 6 Great Crested Grebe, 1 Nuthatch, 1f Tufted Duck, 3 Mute Swan, 2 Wren, 12 Blue Tit, 2 Grey Wagtail.

Posted October 17th at 7:17 pm by Rod Mudge in General Birding

Emsworthy Reserve, Widecombe.

10 members of DB (East Devon Branch) attended the morning fieldtrip before the weather deteriorated at 11.30.  Target birds present including: Ring Ouzel (3), Mistle Thrush (c20), Redwing (c50), Golden Plover (20), Raven(1), Kestrel (1), Willow Warbler (1), Meadow Pipit(s), Skylark (heard over), and did someone say Fieldfare?  Most birds seen at a distance feeding on Rowan trees or passing south up the valley.

Posted October 17th at 2:12 pm by Jonathan Ruscoe in General Birding


A report of a Hoopoe at Staddon Green, Plymstock this morning on a site called Nextdoor Lipson & Lara, apparently was seen yesterday on or near this road. Details at scanty.

Posted October 17th at 12:13 pm by greg bradbury in General Birding

Wednesday 16th October 2019

Wembury Point , today

Cirl Bunting and Rock Pipit

Posted October 16th at 7:20 pm by Peter Castle in General Birding

Avon Dam

15 Ring Ouzel,  very skittish and mobile, seen after the bridge.

Posted October 16th at 7:12 pm by Mave Goddard in General Birding

Avon Dam

15 Ring Ouzel , very skittish and mobile, seen further on from the bridge.

Ring Ouzel
Ring Ouzel

Posted October 16th at 5:05 pm by Mave in General Birding

Emsworthy Mire

This afternoon there was a large movement of Thrushes on Emsworthy Mire, I counted 8 Ring Ouzels and there could have been more judging by the amount of calling,approximately 100 Redwing and about 20 Mistle Thrush.
The flock was very mobile and moving along the valley, curiously accompanied by a Great Spotted Woodpecker and a Male Bullfinch!

Posted October 16th at 5:03 pm by Keith Benyon-Tinker in General Birding

East Soar

This morning: 1 Merlin in protracted chase after a Skylark over the stubble fields by the airfield; 8 or 9 Ring Ouzels in Stair Hole and the Yellow-browed Warbler still in the willows (early pm) but elusive.

Posted October 16th at 3:19 pm by Andy Smith in General Birding

Ring Ouzel - Shipley Bridge to Avon Dam

Walked Shipley Bridge - Avon Dam 11.15 -13.15 today, but only got as far as just past the 1st bridge. Numerous Ring Ouzel moving down valley and feeding on rowan trees to right of bridge. I sat up amongst the trees and at one time saw 24 Ouzel flying over to the pine trees by the ruined hotel, with more left feeding on the rowan. Constant movement and I would estimate there were at least 30+ Ouzel present. Mostly female/juvenile birds and have yet to check my record photos for any sign of ringing. Most I have seen in the area during the past 6 years!

Posted October 16th at 2:22 pm by Dave Pakes in General Birding

Plym Estuary & Saltram

Two redhead Goosanders were new in on Blaxton. Also: Black-tailed Godwit, 2 Common Sandpipers, 6 Greenshanks, 2 Little Grebes, 2 Grey Wagtails, a pair of Stonechats, Great Spotted Woodpecker & Sparrowhawk. 

Just outside the patch, a Yellow-browed Warbler in Tothill Park (in sycamores near the tunnel under the railway).

Posted October 16th at 12:32 pm by Pete Aley in General Birding

Emsworthy Mire

2 male and 2 female Ring Ouzels this morning at around 10.30. At least 1 Redwing with around 20 Mistle Thrushes.

Posted October 16th at 12:04 pm by Nick Potter in General Birding

Tuesday 15th October 2019

Caen Estuary - Green Sandpiper & Common Sandpiper

Nice comparison to have both Green and Common Sandpiper feeding together on the Caen Estuary this afternoon. Green Sandpiper not so common as the Common on this stretch so nice to see.  

Green Sandpiper   Green Sandpiper Tail   Common Sandpiper  Tail
Green Sandpiper                             Green Sandpiper Tail                       Common Sandpiper Tail

Posted October 15th at 7:10 pm by Derek Carter in General Birding

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