Osprey at Seaton and River Exe

After getting up at silly o'clock we arrived at Tower Hide, Seaton Wetlands in anticipation of seeing the Osprey. After a couple of hours it showed briefly, around 9.30am, only to be seen off by 4 buzzards. It resurfaced again a couple of hours later, around 11.18am, and spent a good five minutes right in front of the hide scouting for fish. The rain was pouring and it was overcast, so photos are grainy. It then exited right, gained height and was reported heading in an Exeter direction. 

We travelled on to the Powderham area, where we located another Osprey, between Starcross and Exmouth. I watched it make two dives and came up successful on the second. A huge flock of gulls persued it relentlessly and it flew towards Powderham to consume its dinner. I did manage a series of photos, but it was so distant it could only be a 'record shot'. I am wondering whether this one could be the Osprey that left Seaton that morning.

Osprey at Seaton  Distant Osprey on River Exe

Posted September 9th, 2017 at 7:00 pm by Steph Murphy in Bird News