Bowling Green Marsh

Viewed 1330-1915hrs.

From the hide in the heavy rain downpour Wood Sandpiper, 4-Curlew Sandpipers (1 limping with light feather damage above left leg), Common Sandpiper, 12-Ringed Plover, 6-Knot, 12-Bar-tailed Godwits, Water Rail, Garganey, 10-Pintail, 2-Buzzards amongst the large numbers of other waders and ducks.

A possible sighting of a probable juvenile Bearded Tit that was seen at the base of  the reeds on the far side in similar place where they have been seen previously but it did not come out far enough to get full ID during the heavy rain downpour but with it's size, movement and long tail myself and Dave Stone was 90% it was.

From the viewing platform there appeared to be twice as many Dunlin coming out from the Clyst estuary that was seen on BGM c500 with a count of 8-Curlew Sandpipers. Osprey was fishing down near Starcross but a bit later an Osprey suddenly appeared over the end of riversmeet house seawall low down and caught a fish close-by but only managed some video as it was just leaving the water before heading towards Turf at 18:17hrs. Brilliant sight close-up.

Osprey with fish:

Osprey just after leaving the water with a fish

Osprey heading towards Turf with fish
Osprey with fish


Posted September 13th, 2016 at 9:36 pm by David Boult in Bird News