Brixham pelagic

Went out of Brixham today on a 9-hour Naturetrek seabirds and cetaceans trip. We headed due east for about 20 miles, then south for about 20 miles, then west towards Start Bay, then north back to Brixham. We failed to find the main cetacean target, White-beaked Dolphin, but did encounter 8 pods of Common Dolphins, totalling about 125. The largest group, of 30 or more, was 8 miles E of Berry Head, and the last (about a dozen) was only 1 mile off Berry Head. Many of them came to ride our bow wave, giving excellent views. Eleven Harbour Porpoises rather paled into insignificance. Birdwise it was rather quiet, with 17 European Storm-petrels, 3 Balearic and 21 Manx Shearwaters, 5 Great Skuas, 43 Gannets, 19 Fulmars, 45 Guillemots, 150 Kittiwakes (including a colour-ringed juvenile that I photographed without realising it was ringed), 1 Common Scoter and 1 Med Gull (off Berry Head!). Returning back to Brixham, it was nice to see a few Turnstones in their summer finery scavenging for scraps, just a matter of days after returning from their wild Arctic breeding grounds!

 Colour-ringed Kittiwake Common Dolphin Turnstone

Colour-ringed Kittiwake                              Common Dolphin                             Turnstone

Posted August 30th, 2018 at 10:03 pm by Dave Smallshire in Bird News