Stoke Gabriel

Osprey montage Stoke Gabriel 30 08 13 MLAd Osprey again this evening fishing on the River  Dart just before low tide down river from Stoke Gabriel after two missed dives it caught a fish on the third attempt then flew off down river. I relocated it looking up river from Galmpton Creek (south bay) sat in some large isolated river side pine trees up river at about SX860563. Also   5 Egyptian Gees (all ads) flew down river from Stoke Gabriel.

Photo montage of one of the dives..

I'm predicting 6 merlin's on the Dart tomorrow evening - see if anyone can get a photo..I'm out in Lyme Bay on the boat trip.

6 merlin Engines..

6 merlin engines!







Posted August 30th, 2013 at 8:12 pm by Mike Langman in General Birding