English Channel off Devon

29/08/13: yesterday again out on an angling boat. Heading out we encountered two massive Dutch pelagic trawlers, no doubt hoovering up vast quantities of Mackerel. Though more distant than the one photograhed below, one had just hauled and had a huge amount of birds behind it, but sadly we had no time to investigate - one can only imagine that elusive Wilson's amongst the birds! This was the closer one still trawling.Pelagic super-trawler

We travelled on to our fishing mark and I proceeded to make chum. Highlight was attracting good numbers of European Storm-petrels, at least 60 on the liver chum - the most I've seen this year.European Storm-petrelsEuropean Storm-petrelsEuropean Storm-petrels

Note many in active wing moult changing their wing shape and normal appearance, making you look twice! But still no Wilson’s for me off Devon!

European Storm-petrelEuropean Storm-petrels

Other birds attracted in were a Balearic Shearwater, 3 Bonxies and a few Common Terns, lots of Lesser and Great Black-backs, Herring and a juv/1w Yellow legged Gull; and very good numbers of Fulmar including one black-billed bird (black where the base and nostrils are normally greenish/blue).

Balearic ShearwaterGreat SkuaCommon Tern (adult)Common Tern

 Good luck to those on tomorrow's short range pelagic from Brixham, there were plenty of birds in Lyme Bay on the way out yesterday!

Posted August 30th, 2013 at 4:50 pm by Mark Darlaston in General Birding