Thornhill Head, North Devon

Over the last week have been watching the number of Jackdaws increasing at our feeders. This morning 20 to 25 with a lot of youngsters demanding food and generally being very boisterous. Fat balls are demolished from the feeder in next to no time with a melee on the ground underneath. There have been a few fairly aggressive fights with birds ending up on their backs and our resident pheasant looking quite harrassed as it tries to feed.  No other birds get a look-in.

Interesting reaction this morning by 2 grey squirrels when male sparrowhawk landed on fence next to the feeders. One up the tree flattened itself against the trunk for several minutes before slinking away. Other on the ground didn't see it and continued feeding despite all the birds disappearing/alarm calling. Sparrowhawk hopped to where it could properly see squirrel, appeared uninterested and started preening. Squirrel then hopped up to same level as sparrowhawk noticed it was there and they both eyeballed each other 3-4 feet apart for what seemed ages. They seemed to then both decide that neither was of interest nor a threat - squirrel went back to ground to feed and sparrowhawk carried on preening, then missed a bird (I think great tit) in tree above.

Posted July 4th, 2018 at 9:37 am by Mark West in Bird News