Cuckoo and Swifts, Drewsteignton

While counting swifts over the village last night (16 June), a cuckoo flew over the churchyard and my garden heading south at 20.30hrs. Peak count of swifts at the time was approx 30 with many screaming parties and non-breeders checking out nest boxes. I have been intrigued by the late arrival of swifts at many locations in the county posted on this web site this season. Swifts first seen over Drewsteignton was two on 26 April, five on 27 April but due to wet and windy weather, all went quiet for a few days. Two seen on 2 May, three on 3 May, fourteen on 4 May with five seen entering various nest boxes on our thatched row of cottages. Up to twenty swifts frequently seen most sunny days over the last month but recently increased due to arrival of non breeders. Hatched young first heard 'twittering' last night and again this morning from two nest boxes and discarded eggshell found this morning under two others.

Posted June 17th, 2020 at 10:44 am by Nick Dixon in Bird News