South Brent

A very unseasonably wet and overcast day at South Brent with torrential rain at times throughout the day which resulted in a home days birding.

Buzzard, Song Thrush, Stock Dove, Swallow, Swift and a calling Green Woodpecker all recorded.

The wet weather brought a good number of birds onto the feeders and some evidence of breeding success for the following species locally, adult male Pied Wagtail with one dependant youngster. Several young Robins with one bird beginning to colour up, young Blackbirds with adults seen collecting worms on the grass.

Magpie pair with two offspring, a very young Rook with several adults, a pair of Great Tits feeding two begging young, a small number of Greenfinch with one young bird that was feeding itself and three male Siskins with independent young joining them at the feeders.

Dependant male and female Chaffinch being fed by a male, a very noisy brood of Wrens that have been showing for several days now. The days highlight was initially hearing and then seeing a brood of at least two Goldcrest with an adult bird feeding in an Oak canopy.

Posted June 15th, 2016 at 6:52 pm by Steve Hopper in Bird News