Dawlish Point

First time ever visiting Dawlish for me and it was a good day

Lots of white throats, some very close encounters, stone chats, linnet, gold/green/bull/chaffinch,   long-tail/great/blue tit, robin (with young), blackbird (with young),  skylarks, goldcrest, mallard, little grebe (with young), Canada geese, 5 whimbrel, c.bunting, wheatears, g.b.b gull, buzzard, cormorant,  shelducks, lots of sand lizards and common lizards 

Was dissapointed as thought i heard a p.falcon, but it was the restaurant nearby playing calls of them and fake calls of gulls-i'm guessing to keep gulls away- i can tell you it didn't work. 

Posted May 7th at 8:00 pm by Annabel Sharpe in Bird News