Bird of Prey - Rippon Tor -in hindsight probable lammergeier

About 0930 - 0945 saw a large bird of prey fly from Rippon Tor towards Cold East Cross / Ruddycleave Valley. The bird was thought to be a buzzard at first but with binoculars it seemed its flight was very slow and more kite like,,,,,watched it at  a distance for 6 - 7 minutes but clearly no forked tail. On circling anticlockwise it showed very long dark wings and tail but a noticeable small head in proportion to e.g. Honey Buzzard - the bird then drifted south towards Ruddycleave / Poundsgate.. As it flew -it's silouette showed arched wings similar to an osprey but the primaries were distinctly pointed upwards, Had another look nearer Cold East cross but resulted in no further sighting  and the bird was no longer visible in the skyline,. Later at home -  a review of birds of prey in the bird guides remained inconclusive , however given the later sighting of a lammergeier to the south of this area - could well be the same bird,

Posted May 16th, 2016 at 11:58 pm by JDA in Bird News