South Brent ~ Red Kites

South Brent ~ Red Kites

A brilliant birding day, up at the crack of dawn to visit the WWT at Slimbridge (well worth a visit) the early start saw two juvenile Siskins on the garden feeders.

No sooner than I got back home late evening when the phone rang and Dave Pakes told me to grab my camera as he was picking me up forthwith, a local farmer was reporting 6 Red Kite following his plough along with 29 Buzzards.

On arrival there were Buzzards everywhere you looked including an almost fully white individual, one field side tree was holding good numbers of Buzzard which began to fly off as we approached, two birds then left the tree and were seen to be Red Kites, on entering the field there Red Kites lofted over the boundary hedge towards Brent Hill.

While chatting to the farmer John Luscombe a single Sky Lark flew into the field and a short time afterwards three Red Kite came down across the field in a long drawn out line and were last seen headed out towards South Brent.

Posted May 13th, 2015 at 9:34 pm by Steve Hopper in Bird News