Avon Dam at dawn

Since reporting an unusual zero Goosander count at the Avon Dam on 30 March, I've had another zero and two counts of four, including this morning when two pairs were roosting. One pair flew out just before 6 am, the other mated just after and then, instead of the usual fly-out, spent most of the next 45 minutes hugging the shore and swimming towards the top of the reservoir, resting briefly on the shore and then swimming back. As they swam, often with bill and eyes below water (see photo), they dived frequently and were clearly fishing. Have only seen this once before at AD which is primarily a roost site. Rising trout close inshore and low water levels may have provided the right conditions for feeding. Perhaps this also occurred on the zero count dates. In poor light and choppy water, I could easily have missed birds, especially red-heads, swimming and diving close inshore. Usually they stay in open water.

Posted April 21st at 8:21 pm by Peter Reay in Bird News