Carswell Farm + South Brent

Having completed our patch for the Carswell Farm DB survey this morning with fairly poor results - much needs to be done to improve bird habitat at this location - Alan P, Kevin, Jackie and I saw 9 Cattle Egret in with a herd of cattle in a neighbouring patch field. I returned 30 mins later to take a photo, but the egrets had gone. The DB surveyors for that patch drove by and said that the actual count was one or two higher, but they had flown off during the survey.

I decided to check my home patch at Dockwell, South Brent for returning pied flycatchers, sadly none there yet. However on passing Bloody Pool X I saw a hawk I could not identify sitting on a roadside gate. Photo from the car window and later on the road. I called my pal and falconer Steve Hopper, who from my description thought it might be a Harris Hawk. He attended immediately with equipment and food and then saw that it was in fact a Striated Caracara, believed to be an escapee from the Sparkwell area for the past fortnight. Thanks to Steve for his skill in eventually trapping the bird and ensuring it is returned to its owner! Now can I claim a "year tick"?

Striated Caracara - South Brent - 6.4.2017Striated Caracara - South Brent - 6.4.2017

Striated Caracara - South Brent - 6.4.2017

Posted April 6th, 2017 at 6:40 pm by David Pakes in General Birding