South Huish / South Milton Village

Went to South Huish this morning looking for the Kumlien's Gull only to be dissapointed by the lack of gulls there. The Ruddy Shelduck still on the marsh and single Great Northern Diver and Common Scoter offshore. Driving back, in the distance saw a farmer ploughing on the north edge of South Milton Village ( c 2.5kms inland from S. Huish ). Headed over and pleased to see the Kumlien's in company with a couple hundred Herring Gulls. Still there when i left around 11:00 am. My advice for anyone looking for this bird is obviously to get on a bit of higher ground in the area and suss out where the ploughings at.

Posted April 4th, 2015 at 11:56 am by Perry Sanders in Bird News