Slapton Ley Thursday 7 March

As the light was so good, I spent much of the morning photographing at Slapton Ley.  4 No early Barn Swallows (1st record 2017 11 March) and 2 No Chiffchaff.  On the Ley the Male Ring-necked Duck joined the antics of a group the  male Tufted Ducks, staying in close contact with a particular female Tufty.

At about 0930, I spotted an elongated ripple in the otherwise smooth water on the west of the Ley.  A  pair of Otters swan, or rather dolphined, right though the reeds just in front of Stokenham Hide; they headed steadily for the Stockenham reed beds.


Posted March 8th, 2019 at 8:36 pm by Michael Woodman Smith in General Birding