Exmouth and Chudleigh

After being forced to spend the night in Exmouth (all roads to Chudleigh blocked by snow and/or abandoned cars!), I saw loads of Fieldfares and fewer Redwings all over the place around Exmouth, with many in gardens. Travelling gingerly back home, I saw Lapwing and a Snipe alongside the M5 and then got home in Chudleigh to more masses of Fieldfares and Redwings, including in my garden (where earlier there was our second ever Yellowhammer). Pieces of apple and dried mealworms are proving very attractive, though one particular Fieldfare has control of the biggest piece and dominates all-comers!

Fieldfare in ice-glazed Chudleigh garden The 'apple-master'! Fieldfare on ice-glaze

Fieldfares in Chudleigh garden, including the 'apple-master' and one on ice-glazed bush

Posted March 2nd, 2018 at 2:52 pm by Dave Smallshire in General Birding