Tiverton 29th March

Marsh Tit M Webb

1 Male Redpoll visited the niger seed late morning.Along with 6 siskin, 8 Goldfinch, 5 Chaffinch, 1 pair Greendfinch, 1 Pr Bulfinch, 1 Coal tit, 3 Great tit (one with a white tail), 6 Blue tit, 1 pair Longtailed tit, 1 Robin, 1 pair Blackbirds, 1 Woodpigeon, 1 Nuthatch, 2 Dunnock. Also had a Marsh Tit in last Friday, a brief visit from a Brambling. A Sparrowhawk dropped in mid week.



Posted March 29th, 2016 at 5:20 pm by M C Webb in General Birding