Ford Park Cemetry, Plymouth

While walking around looking for the reported male Ring Ouzel saw a single Wheatear, male Kestrel hovering overhead in clear view, two Raven being mobbed by numerous Carrion Crows, hign number of Magpies and Woodpigeonpresent. In the heavy cover alongside the boundary wall with Trelawney Road large numbers of Chiffchaffs feeding, other individuals dotted around the cover areas.

Several small groups of Goldfinch constantly on the move around the cemetry.

The Ring Ouzel eventaully flew in from the Hyde Park direction and took station in the top of one of two Yew trees, sat in clear view for some time before flying up to the top corner of the cemetry Trelawney Rd / Glendower Rd corner where local birders reported usually seeing it.

Posted March 30th, 2013 at 5:23 pm by Steve Hopper in General Birding