Teignmouth Seafront Mid Afternoon

Further to David Cope's post, walking on the front towards the Yacht club picked up a group of six Great Northern Divers in a loose but close group, not really diving and reasonably static, a couple more further in feeding on shore crabs. Walking back to the Ness saw another group of nine close together and in a line swimming towards Bundle Head, again not diving much and another two further out. Pretty calm sea after the last few days, maybe just resting? Any thoughts? Also a Harbour Porpoise breaching slightly behind the group of nine.

EDS: These groups of Great Northern Divers typically 'raft' while resting and particularly when going to roost in the evening sometimes in quite large groups - see earlier posts on Torbay Divers.

Posted February 21st at 7:16 pm by Simon Bates in Bird News