Exminster Marshes and Turf

Battled rain, sleet, icy winds and glorious sun over last two days on Exminster Marshes, through to Turf. The Goose Invasion continues with a dark cloud of Brent appearing just about anywhere and everywhere on the marshes and/or estuary.  The scattered flocks of Canada Geese included a small flock of 10 Grey Lags seen around Station Road on both days. A few snipe in the fields around Station Road Plenty of Godwits, Curlews and a few Redshanks in fields and at tide's edge  - signs of changes in Godwits' plumage as the summer 'barring' beginning to appear on one or two birds. Distinct lack of small birds - probably huddled in hedgerows out of cold wind or trying to avoid the Merlin which flashed past me at 3pm yesterday near Lion's Rest.  Kestrel over Berry Brook Meadow swooped to ground but left without it's prey when a dog walker appeared. Today's highlight was spending 1/2 hour sitting with the celebrity Snow Bunting near Turf on the Sea Wall - quite an entertaining character.

Posted February 24th, 2015 at 10:54 pm by Jo King in Bird News