Yesterday still three Black-throated Divers in the harbour, one of them this  pale individual presumed first winter, which has been around for several weeks. Usually it is  accompanying an adult. I have heard visitors mention seeing a Red-throated Diver in the harbour during that period and wonder if any of the sightings involve confusion with this bird.Structure, neck thickness, bill shape would of course separate them.Also still six Great Northern Divers in the area,

Today the harbour was rougher in a strong NW wind and I was unable to find divers inside it. An exhausted Razorbill came ashore by the yacht club and sat in the middle of the footpath. I phoned RSPCA Wildlife Rescue to ask for help but unfortunately the lady handling the call did not want to send anyone. I had to spend time explaining what a Razorbill was and why they are coming ashore, but she stated forcibly I should leave the bird alone and it would recover unaided and return to sea. It appears some briefing of their telephone staff is urgently needed.

Posted February 28th, 2014 at 8:55 pm in General Birding