Drake's Island/Plymouth Sound

Little Drake's Island: 
1 imm Iceland gull sitting down till 8.10am (looked a bit smaller than an ad Herring gull when resting). Took off and after flighting about on windward side of the island it headed westwards. I don't know Kumlien's Gull but I wasn't aware of any darker looking primaries at the 800m+ I was watching from.
3 unringed Spoonbills till at least 9am. One has a head crest forming,
Western Kings:
1 Razorbill flew past struggling into the wind.
4 Gannets diving out by the Dragons Teeth - remarkable that they could see anything to dive after in this mornings wild sea.
(Robert Hurrell)

Posted February 17th, 2014 at 11:37 pm in Bird News