A few photos from this week and an update from Saturday and Sunday afternoons. There were still  20 or more  Great Northern Divers between AstraZeneca and Shoalstone this weekend.  A Black-throated Diver was off the yacht club slipway this afternoon. The Slavonian Grebe was sheltering from a hailstorm by the yacht club slipway yesterday and today off AstraZeneca. Strangest sight today was a Moorhen on the wooden pontoon off the slipway- unexpected in a marine habitat, probably my first ever here.

The two diver photos relate to Tuesday am before the big blow arrived. One shows the White- billed Diver swimming out from the harbour together with  part of a line of eight Great Northerns-a little distant but nice to frame both together for  comparison. As some may have heard ,a White-billed Diver flew away east past Ferrybridge (Dorset) on Thursday, probably the Brixham bird departing? as not seen here afterwards.The other shows a different view of a Great Northern, flying in over the breakwater to shelter as conditions roughened.


Posted February 9th, 2014 at 9:10 pm in Bird News