Huge tide early morning,overtopping harbour front in places. At around 850 Mike Langman, John Lusher and I saw the White-billed Diver, looking from AstraZeneca it was near the old oil jetty at end of breakwater. We then struggled out to end of breakwater, seeing a Black Guillemot close in on the inner side and lots of Great Northerns but no sign of the White-billed. At 1030 the White-billed was off Shoalstone, at 1100 it was off Breakwater Beach but drifting back out towards the end. I don't think it will go far given this week's rough weather forecasts.Totals 12+ Great Northern and 4 Black-throated Diver from various points. 

Posted February 3rd, 2014 at 1:03 pm in General Birding