Torbay boat trip

Trip from Paignton harbour across bay to Berry Head then back via Brixham Harbour and along the coast. The white billed diver was back at Brixham in the harbour entrance near the big green buoy with 3 great northern divers; found by Janet & me - Nigel downstairs making tea!. A total of 18 great northern divers (scattered), 4 black throated divers (1 Brixham harbour, 3 at 7 quarries), 1 red throated diver (7 quarries), 3 black necked grebe (2 Elberry Cove, 1 at 3 beaches). 28 great crested grebes, with a number flying in to join the flock in the Broadsands - 3 beaches area  from  the north. 4 common scoter (off Preston), 4 purple sandpiper (Brixham breakwater), 1 black guillemot (Brixham breakwater), also good numbers of commoner auks, gannets, fulmars. Mammals represented by 3 porpoises at Berry Head and a grey seal just outside Paignton Harbour. Photos to follow.

Posted February 2nd, 2014 at 12:27 pm by Chris Proctor in Bird News