Yellow Browed Warblers, Beaumont Park, Plymouth

2 very active and mobile YBWarblers in Beaumont Park this morning. 1 keeping mostly to the tree tops in the trees near the north gate entrance, 1 mostly in the tree tops in the trees in the centre of the park, but both occasionally moving down to the lower branches. Vocal at times and at one point seen chasing each other and calling noisily.

I did manage to get a rubbish record shot of 1 of them.

Also seen:- a female type black redstart, a jay (a first for the park for me), a coal tit, 4+goldcrest, goldfinch, a nuthatch and B,G and LTTits.

Yellow Browed Warbler
Yellow Browed Warbler

Posted December 17th, 2016 at 12:54 pm by Stuart Green in Bird News