Mansands - 7.12.2016

The reported 200+ common scoter not off the beach and could only be seen by climbing up to the top of the ridge above the coastguard cottages. For myself and possibly a couple of other experienced birders present, the light, distance involved and the choppy nature of the sea precluded any accurate identification of the surf scoter, reported in better conditions by Mike Langman yesterday. The flock was constantly moving and diving with a few guillemot present just to confuse matters. I even had a kestrel come and perch alongside me to give me the benefit of its outstanding vision! Other notable birds included a male black redstart on the coastguard cottages and on the marsh, a water rail showed.

Some of the Common Scoter flock -Mansands - 7.12.2016  Water Rail - Mansands - 7.12.2016
Some of the Common Scoter flock -Mansands - 7.12.2016                    Water Rail - Mansands - 7.12.2016

Posted December 7th, 2016 at 8:19 pm by David Pakes in Bird News