Hoopoe in December?

I have often seen hoopoes in the Middle East and in Malta, and know that the species' status in England is that of an occassional summer visitor.

Yesterday my wife and I gave our daughter-in-law a 2016 calendar featuring birds and were amazed when she and one of her sons pointed to a bird on the calendar's cover and remarked "That's the bird that we saw at Stroxworthy Cross (1 mile south of Woolfardisworthy on the road towards Bradworthy) on Christmas Eve afternoon. It is so distinctive."

My initial reaction was that they were wrong - but they are both adament on the sighting - or an escapee. Thus, I am sending this report to you in good faith and to see if their observation ties in with any other reports that you might have seen.

Posted December 26th, 2015 at 2:27 pm by Colin Pomeroy in Bird News