Took Digby and Sue (DBWPS members) around the reserve this morning. WIndless and sunny, shame about the local shooters on the adjacent marshes, shooting far too frequently in my opinion.

We spent some time trying to see something that was attracting the attention of the small birds, hoping for a Tawny Owl, but alas, all I saw was a pesky squirrel....

We did, however hear a very vocal Cetti's Warbler, and at least 5 Chiffchaffs, including at least 3 unringed birds. A Water Rail flew out from the pond and later started squealing. Increasing numbers of Goldfinch feeding on alder cones. A Red Admiral flying around the grassy area. (Saw another in central Barnstaple later).

Finally, a Dipper in the stream as we left.

Posted December 1st, 2014 at 3:14 pm by Jon Turner in General Birding