Shooting - Sherpa Marshes

15.00 - The shooters were out again blasting away over Sherpa Marshes & around the DBWPS Reserve this aft.

As I cycled along the Tarka trail between Wrafton Pond & the DBWPS Reserve 2 female Mallard were shot (1 wounded which landed in the bushes adjacent to the Tarka trail & was retrieved later on by another member of the shooting party) flying from the fresh water scrape very close to the Tarka trail.

In the interest of public safety I was very surprised to see one of the shooters shooting so close to a busy public right of way.

Looking at the map of the shooting rights I see the boundary outlined in red is right up against the side of the Tarka Trail from Velator to Wrafton & next to a public footpath from Velator to Velator Quay.

There is also a public footpath all the way around Horsey Island & they also have shooting rights here as well as several other areas on the Marshes.

I was also surprised to hear from 2 other members of Devon Birds that they were showered with shotgun pellets while birdwatching from the east bank of R.Caen.

Perhaps a caution from the Police will rectify this problem or a change in the law.

These shooters are in possession of a lethal weapon which can injure & kill not just birds but people as well.

Posted November 19th, 2015 at 5:53 pm by Rob Jutsum in Bird News